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Surveon is committed to helping partners increase sales. We have a variety of product resources to assist partners to develop more sales opportunities. Leverage these resources available below to easily create your own marketing campaign.


Success Case Study
Military: World Leading SI
Casino: Phoenix Casino, Vietnam
Banking: Bank, Bangladesh
Banking: Agribank, Vietnam
Gorvernment: Customs Building, Bolivia
Gorvernment: Gürbulak Border Checkpoint, Turkey
Gorvernment: Post Office, Cairo
Airport: Airport Administration Bureau
City: Sükhbaatar, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
City: New Taipei City, Taiwan
City: Southern Taiwan City
Education: Kainan University, Taiwan
Healthcare: City Hospital, Macedonia
Healthcare: Taipei City Hospital, Taiwan
Healthcare: Neuron Biohub, Malaysia
Industrial: Water Treatment Plant, Malaysia
Industrial: OMNILIFE, Colombia
Industrial: Electro-Motive Diesel, Brazil
Industrial: Factory, Kuwait City
Logistics: ILS, Poland
Commercial: KL Tower, Malaysia
Commercial: Airline Catering Service Provider, Hong Kong
Commercial: Internet Service Provider (ISP), Taiwan
Commercial: Historic Buildings, Poland
Retail: Multinational Hypermarkets, South America
Retail: House Green Retail Chain, Taiwan
Retail: Coseimpa, Venezuela


Vertical Market Solution / Success Case eBlast
Success Case - Industrial, Malaysia
Success Case - Hypermarkets, South America
Vertical Solution - Retail
Vertical Solution - Government
Vertical Solution - Campus
Success Case - Bank, Bangladesh
Vertical Solution - HQ-branch
Success Case - Military, Worldwide
Success Case - Customs Building, Bolivia
Success Case - Neuron Biohub, Malaysia
Success Case - Polish Historic Buildings
Surveon Worldwide Success Cases
Surveon Your Reliable Partner for Vertical Markets
Vertical Solution - Commercial
Vertical Solution - Airport
Vertical Solution - City


Vertical Market Solution Leaflet
Bank Solution
Education Solution
Healthcare Solution
Hotel Solution
Retail Solution



Dr. NVR Series
Surveon Dr. NVR Series Ch11. Video Analytics (3) DetectionNEW!
Surveon Dr. NVR Series Ch10. Video Analytics (2) Intrusion + Track
Surveon Dr. NVR Series Ch.9 Video Analytics (1) Overview
Surveon Dr. NVR Series Ch.8 Data Retention
Surveon Dr. NVR Series Ch.7 NAS NVR
Surveon Dr. NVR Series Ch.6 Cloud NVR
Surveon Dr. NVR Series Ch.5 Storage Expansion
Surveon Dr. NVR Series Ch.4 Data Replication
Surveon Dr. NVR Series Ch.3 Failover
Surveon Dr. NVR Series Ch.2 RAID Protection
Surveon Dr. NVR Series Ch.1 High Throughput



Product Brochure
Latest Product PortfolioNEW!
Latest Product CatalogNEW!
Network Video Recorder



Product e-Blast
Surveon GSe Pro 208 / 208T SeriesNEW!
Surveon GSe Pro 108 / 108T SeriesNEW!
Surveon GSe Pro 105 / 105T SeriesNEW!
Surveon GSe Pro 205 / 205T SeriesNEW!
Surveon EonServ 7000 SeriesNEW!
Surveon POS Solution
Surveon Avatar Failover Solution
Surveon H.265 Camera Series
Surveon Vertical Solutions' Demo Video
Surveon Failover Solutions
Surveon Cloud NVR GSe Pro 3008 Series
Surveon Cloud NVR GSe Pro 1004 Series
Surveon Cloud NVR Solutions with Multiple Storage Architectures
Surveon NAS NVR Solutions (GSe Pro)
Surveon NVR5408 Series
Surveon NVR Supports H.265
Surveon NVR3304 Series
Surveon IR Speed Dome Series
Surveon Demo Videos on YouTube
Surveon NVR7800 Series with Milestone & Genetec VMS Solutions
Surveon NVR5400 Series 96-ch
Surveon SurveOne Phase 1.2
Surveon EonOne Lite
Surveon NVR2104 Series
Surveon SPhone Client
Surveon Resources & Support Introduction
Surveon Powerful Video Management Solution
Surveon Data Backup Solutions
Surveon NVR5400 Series
Surveon Failover Solutions for Bank
Surveon NVR7316 Series Linux RAID NVR
Surveon NVR7800 Series with Milestone Solution
Surveon CAM1320S2/1420S2 Compact Megapixel Camera Series
Surveon CAM2331SC Low Light Box Camera
Surveon End-to-End IP Surveillance Solutions
Surveon 3MP IP Camera Series
Surveon Premium Smart Auto HDR Camera Series
Surveon Enterprise NVR5000 Series
Surveon SurveOne Web-based Easy System Management Tool
Surveon VMS 3.0 Enterprise Management Solution
Surveon Video Management Solutions



Product Leaflet
150-ch Milestone VMS Pre-loaded NVR7800 Series
128-ch Mission Critical Storage NVR7300 Series
96-ch Cost-efficient Mission Critical Storage NVR5400 Series
64-ch Best Cost-effective & Scalable Performance NVR3000 Series
2 Megapixel Professional Camera Series
2 Megapixel SONY Exmor Camera Series
3 Megapixel Real-time HDR Camera Series
5 Megapixel Camera Series