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H.265 Key Improvement

Saving budget of storage or extend the data retention days

  H.265 1080P H.264 1080P
Bitrate (Mbps) 2 4
16 CH / 30 days 9.92 19.84
32 CH / 60 days 39.68 79.36
64 CH / 180 days 238.08 476.16

*1 CH H.265 required storage space per month (30 days) = 2(Mbp)/8*3600*24*30/1024/1024 = 0.62 TB
*1 CH H.264 required storage space per month (30 days) = 4(Mbp)/8*3600*24*30/1024/1024 = 1.24 TB

40%~50% lower bandwidth budget compared to H.264


50% bit rate reduction compared with H.264 at the same visual quality

H.265 vs. H.264

  H.265 H.264
Name HEVC Mpeg-4 AVC
Progression Successor to H.264/AVC Successor to MPEG-2 Part
Support fps Support up to 300 fps Support up to 59.94 fps only
Support Resolution Support up to 8K Support up to 4K

Surveon NVR Advantages

Surveon NVR solutions provide advantages to support our partners to move more business. The advantages include three major categories: (1) Enterprise Design, (2) Data Protection, (3) High Reliability. The “NVR Supports H.265”, for example, is one of the advantage under “Enterprise Design”. For more details, please refer to << More >>.

Enterprise Design   Data Protection   High Reliability
▪  High Throughput
▪  Storage Expansion via JBOD
▪  Storage Expansion via iSCSI
▪  NVR Supports H.265
▪  Multiple Access
▪  Built-in 12 Video Analytics
▪  SurveOne
▪  EonOne Lite
▪  Sphone (Mobile Client)
▪  Failover Solution
▪  Triple Data Protection
▪  Backup/Archive to Storage
▪  Intelligent Driver Integrity (IDR)
▪  Easy Maintenance Design
  > Cableless Modules
  > Swappable Control Board
  > Hot-swappable HDD
  > Redundant Power Supply
▪  Industrial-grade Component
▪  3-year Warranty

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Notice: Available for Hikvision and Dahua H.265 cameras now.

Surveon is dedicated to offering a variety surveillance solution catering to different vertical markets, giving partners more reliable options for their projects. 
For more information, please contact with our sales.
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