Other than work place, people spend most of the time at home. Instead of staying at an independent house, people tend to choose to live in a residential community nowadays so as to enjoy higher living quality while taking advantage of cost-sharing. As a result, the security in such community becomes critical for residents. From open space in the outdoors to public area inside the building, it is strictly required to keep alert on every suspicious person or potential threat like burglary, arson or fierce quarrels to ensure the residents live in a truly safe environment where they call home.

You might face some challenges when designing a suitable surveillance system for residential projects:


Remote Monitoring from Everywhere

Because of the limited security guards, remote monitoring is required by most residential buildings.


Well-integrated Access Control

To protect family and assets from any potential threats, the surveillance for residential buildings always expect the solution to offer not only consistent but highly secure access, making security system more efficient without any worris.

Surveon Makes the Differences in Residential Surveillance

Active Video Analytics & Notifications

Surveon's active VI detection function has a pre-configured base for a number of scenarios, ensuring rapid and accurate action to protect your family and assets from threats in time.


I/O Devices Alarms Management

Surveon Control Center (CMS) can collect data to receive events such as intrusion detection and fire alarm with high I/O, keeping the situation under control and warning the security guards in time.


Multiple Accesses for Remote Monitoring

With multiple accesses from web, remote, and mobile clients, the security guards of residential buildings can manage surveillance anywhere and prevent the incidents such as thefts in time.


License Plate Recognition Integration

With great performance in low lux and shutter speed, Surveon low light camera becomes an excellent option for license plate capture applications in the parking lot entrace, detecting blacklisted license plate to avoid any unwanted vehicle from entering.


Smooth Access Control Integration

Being fully compatible with major third party access control systems, Surveon provides both efficient and economical solution for residential surveillance.

System Architecture