Involving with activities that take place on the gaming tables, casinos become one of the occassions requiring surveillance systems with advanced technology. In the places with colorful spots with either bright or dim light, casino surveillance requires the ability to respond incidents rapidly under low level light. While guests are trying wholeheartedly to win the games, it's important for the system to watch out carefully on those game areas where speed plays the key role on winning. If any misbehavior occurred during the games, the recorded video would be needed to settle the dispute between players and the casinos.

There are some factors that might be taken into account when we are desinging the surveillance system:


24/7 Security

Casinos require the solution provides large storage and sufficient reliability for long-term operations.


Detailed Monitoring in Gaming Operation

The high resolution and real-time frame rate are also important to prevent misconducts, such as cheat happening on the game table.


Wide Monitoring Areas

The complex light conditions and the demand of view angles coverage on different areas like game tables, lobby or reception counters are obstacles to overcome.

Surveon Makes the Differences in Casino Surveillance

High Resolution & Real-time Performance

Surveon provides 3 megapixel cameras at 30 FPS and the 1.5-time larger monitoring range, becoming an ideal option for monitoing areas with high speed, such as roulette wheels.


Reliable PTZ Cameras

Surveon PTZ cameras offer wider view angles and coverage with excellent megapixel image quality, protecting the lobby and gaming machines in casino from potential threats.


Excellent Low Light Function

To overcome complex lighting decoration, Surveon provides cameras with advanced functions in low light performance to deal with colorful spots under dim light in casinos.


Long-time Storage

The ability to non-stopping record for 180 days with large capacities is particularly important for casino as around-the-clock monitoring is a must for a place that never sleeps.

System Architecture

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