One of the most important missions of transportation is to provide a safe and secure environment for passengers and stay one step ahead of vandalism to prevent potential threats. The challenges of transferring and managing mass amounts of information from vehicles or stations to the operations control center often entail strenuous effort for system integrators.

See what challenges you may face when designing a surveillance system for public transportation:


Reliability for Cameras

Transportation projects require the solution to provide sufficient reliability for long-term operations. Besides, the cameras has to support shock proof and provide clear images, regardless of different kinds of lighting environments for applications.


Advanced Account Management

As the headquarter needs to access information from different trains or vehicles, the solutions of transportation must ask for advanced centralized management to ensure smooth operation.

Surveon Makes the Differences in Transportation Surveillance

Reliable Compact Cameras

Surveon compact series camera provides excellent megapixel image quality with low light performance and WDR, and allows users to adjust the shooting angle with equipped 2-axis, protecting passengers and vehicles such as bus from any threats.


Smart Search & Playback

Enable the operation control center to search and export large quantities of recorded video to deal with critical situations in a very short time.


Intelligence Video Analytics

Surveon video analytics such as Virtual Fence can be used as an active alarm, ensuring proper action can be taken in time to protect passengers from potential accidents, such as crossing over the waiting line.


Enterprise Central Management

Surveon Control Center (SCC) supports hundreds of channels in a hierarchical system architecture, offering rich services including camera control, live monitoring, recording, configurable playback, and alarm handling to keep every detail under control. Its remote viewing allows the operations control center to manage surveillance anywhere, preventing suspicious person or potential threats to safeguard the passengers on public transportation.

System Architecture