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The government-run offices or buildings are the places where people constantly visit for specific purposes, making these official institutions easily become a target for tempted malicious attack by people who might possess strong and negative emotions toward the governments. Surveon provides government solutions with product lines including reliable cameras with excellent image quality, patent RAID NVRs with spare drive protection, and feature-rich VMS with post VA search. These powerful solutions enable the governments to well protect people from the most threats.


Non-stop Recording for 24/7 365+ Days

Surveon storage expansion solutions support more than 400 hard disks expansion, allowing government to continuously record for 24/7 365+ days and easily expand number of retention days with large capacity.

Efficient Monitoring with Post VA Search

Without extra cost, Surveon NVRs are built-in 12 comprehensive analytic functions. Moreover, the Post VA Search, an efficient management tool, reducing the time and efforts of management staff, making the surveillance system more efficient.

Data Protection with Patent RAID NVR

Featuring patent RAID function with spare drive data protection, Surveon NVRs provide reliable performance with zero video loss. Besides, its client-server architecture can offer high I/O, large capacities, and overall system stability.

Excellent Image Quality with Reliable Camera

Surveon cameras secure the outer spaces of government building like parking lot with IK10 vandal proof and IP66-rated weatherproof housing. Moreover, all of Surveon cameras provide excellent image quality with smart WDR, allowing the security staff to recognize crucial details such as license plates even under lighting contrast.

Easily Manage Thousands of Cameras with Matrix Wall

Surveon Control Center (SCC), a powerful add-on suite based on the Surveon VMS, provides superior features including interactive video walls, matrix screen displays, centralized alarm management, and high scalability for thousands of cameras and multiple clients, making the security staff easily keep every corner in control.

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