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Surveon Cloud NVR Solutions support SAN, NAS, DAS and Cloud in ONE unified storage system for data storage, folder sharing and cloud backup, making it ideal for a variety of vertical markets. Is it really necessary for high investment to handle both surveillance and data storage? Is it complicated to backup data into cloud storage? Here comes the best C/P value unified cloud NVR storage.

Why you need Surveon Cloud NVR Solutions?

Single Device with Both Storage and NVR   Long Data Retention Period with Large Capacity   Double Data Protection with Auto Sync Replication to Cloud
▪  One device for both storage and surveillance makes it become the best C/P backup and storage solutions.
▪  Up to 428 drives for long-time storage and years recording.
▪  Automatically replicate data to cloud for backup and disaster recovery.

How to choose the right storage architecture for my project?

For Retail, SMB and SOHO


Single device fulfills both storage and surveillance needs.

Best C/P backup and storage solutions for SMB.

Easy file sharing with various built-in services.

Flexible expansion of storage capacity for future scale up.


For Data Center and Bank


Up to 428 drives for long-time storage and years recording.

Smooth service to large workforces.

Superior data transfer performance for IOPS/throughput-demanding applications.


For Enterprise and Multinational Corporations


Automatically replicate data to cloud.

Flexible cloud capacity usage and disaster recovery.

Easy data management and lower local maintenance cost.

What are the advantages of these storage architectures?

1. High & Stable Performance

With Surveon’s unique technology and architecture, data can be directly written to block level storage, enabling better performance than competitor products that need to write first to the file level and then to the block level, resulting in too much overhead.


2. Rich Built-in Application Services

NAS supports cross-platform NFS, CIFS, AFP folder sharing, assisting daily operations including file storage, backup, sharing, synchronization, and more. And its application services include SyncCloud, File Explorer, Syslog Server, VPN Server and Proxy Server, assisting partners simplify IT environment deployment.


3. Premium Value of Cloud+NVR

Surveon Cloud NVR Solutions integrate public and private cloud, provide powerful data services (local / remote replication, SSD cache, automated storage tiering, thin provisioning, etc.) and cloud-integrated features (data cache, tiering, and backup), which delivers high performance services with cost-saving in mind to our partners.

Product Portfolio

  GSe Pro 1004 GSe Pro 3008
Position Rackmount Unified Storage at An Affordable Price Scalable Unified Storage with An Affordable Price
CPU Intel Atom 4C, 2.40 GHz Intel Pentium-D 4 Core 1.60 GHz
Max. memory Size 32GB (DDR-3) 64GB (DDR-4)
Cache Protection No BBU/Super capacitor options Super capacitor + Flash module
Host Board Design N/A 2
Drive Side 6Gb/s SATA
Additional Host Interface Options N/A 16Gb/s FC, 8Gb/s FC, 10GbE FCoE, 40GbE/iSCSI, 10GbE/iSCSI, 1GbE/iSCSI, 12Gb/s SAS
Form Factors 1U 4-bay Rackmount 2U 8-bay
Recommended Applications SMB, SOHO, Retail and Restaurant Enterprise, Data Center and Bank
(3.5") SATA Models
1U 4-bay GSe Pro 1004

2U 8-bay GSe Pro 3008
Surveon is dedicated to offering a variety surveillance solution catering to different vertical markets, giving partners more reliable options for their projects.
For more information, please contact with our sales.
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