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As an experienced professional in video recording and storage, Dr. NVR aims to share some insights on the factors you could take into account when specifying suitable NVR for your projects. In this chapter, Dr. NVR will introduce different ways of data replication and show which role they play in terms of surveillance system.

What is data replication?

Data replication is a process of copying data from one location in a storage device to another location of the same or different storage device to ensure the same data is intact and accessible in case of disaster happening. Data replication can be implemented synchronously or asynchronously, depending on the overall system structure and the needs for immediate recovery from data.

What are the advantages of system with data replication?

Who needs data replication?

Involving with activities that take place on the gaming tables, casinos become one of the occasions requiring surveillance systems with no video loss.


Banks are the places not only giving customers promising futures but also preventing potential risks when transaction is undergoing. Therefore, the protection of recorded video is particularly important to the planning and acceptance of bank security projects.


To improve social order, crack down on crimes, and protect the lives and property of citizens, the local and central governments need a surveillance system with the highest data protection to improve their working efficiency.

Why choose Surveon's data replication solution?

Surveon data replication achieves enterprise-class capabilities at affordable budget. As the final protection level of Triple Data Protection, data replication gives users the most solid solution to secure their data.

▪ What is Triple Data Protection?

It provides three different ways to protect data during recording, including NVR RAID, backup to storage, and local/remote replication. Users can decide how to secure the data based on different project requirements. The system backup architecture is as below.

Protection - NVR RAID

▪ High Data Protection

Built-in RAID 1, 5, 6, 1+spare, 5+spare, 6+spare to provide volume mirror and storage capacity for data integrity and long retention period.

Intelligent Driver Integrity (IDR)

Surveon IDR offers advanced RAID protection and recovery compared to generic RAID, increasing integrity and system efficiency.

Backup to iSCSI Storage

▪ Archiving to Storage

The video recordings can be backed up to USB HDD devices and iSCSI Storage.

▪ Easy Setting

Users can set the frequency of backup schedule by day, week or month.

Local/Remote Replication
Local Replication Remote Replication
Snapshot Volume Copy/Mirror Remote Replication
Provide instantaneous point-in-time copies of data that look and behave like complete backups without consuming equivalent disk space.
Volume Copy/Mirror
Allow users to quickly and easily create multiple disk-based data copies on storage systems at minimized performance degradation.
Provide a continuous, non-disruptive, host-independent solution for disaster recovery, data backup or migration over a long distance.
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Which storage is suitable for my project?

Project Segment Application Suggested
Product Picture
(16-32 Channels)
SMBs, Healthcare, Retail,
Intelligent Buildings, Transportation,
ESDS 1012GS2

ESDS 1012G
ESDS 1012G
(32-128 Channels)
Banking, Airport, Casino,
Critical Infrastructures
(16-64 Channels)
Education, Commercial, Industrial,
Logistics, Harbor, Government,
Traffic, City Surveillance, Residential
NVR2100 SAS ESDS 1012GS2
ESDS 1016GS2

ESDS 1016G
ESDS 1016G
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