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Employee thefts, shopliftings and damages often make great cost for retail stores. Putting these factors into consideration, Surveon intelligent retail solutions provide obvious answers for store security operations, including POS integrated, intrusion detection, people counting and tracking, SCC and more.


POS Integrated Surveillance

Surveon provides not only POS integrated surveillance with complete megapixel solutions but multiple architectures and local/remote monitoring for single store or retail chain operation, supporting partners to avoid losses such as transaction error.

People Counting & Tracking

Accumulate and analyze data on how many people visit the store and when. Compare visit statistics on different days, weeks, months or between stores for improved customer experience, planning efficiency and marketing strategy.

Intrusion Detection

Surveon Intrusion Detection can avoid unwelcome visitors to enter some forbidden areas of store such as staff restroom and warehouse.

Security Room
Surveon Control Center

A single login at any remote location grants you with full controls over surveillance system, including cameras, I/O devices and many more according to different levels of user privileges.

Front Door
Access Control Integration

Compatible with major third party access control systems, Surveon Access Control integration reduce the efforts of integration for SI, also allowing the store owner to keep the investment on existing facilities.




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