September 2013

House Green is an expanding home improvement supplier in Taipei, Taiwan. Just like any other retailers, thousands of people, goods, and transactions are involved in its daily operation. It needs a new security solution with high efficiency and easy scalability to elevate the chain store management, not just any passive recording establishment.


Employee thefts, shopliftings and damages are great cost factors for vast and bustling chain stores. Besides daily chain store management, House Green’s business continues to expand; they are looking for a scalable and reliable system to help them achieve various integrations and business intelligences.


The main entrance, cashiers, display areas and warehouses are the key monitored sections in the retail store. Surveon CAM2441 is used at the main entrance, owing to its market-only 3 megapixel 30 FPS real-time performance and 1.5 times more coverage compared to a conventional 2 megapixel camera. In addition to provide clearer and wider images of the surrounding traffic and people flows, the built-in HDR ensures clear images for outdoor surveillance even under complicated lighting conditions. The CAM1320 was selected for the cashier, packaging and consulting areas, due to its compact, stylish design and built-in microphone. While it usually takes 2~3 traditional dome cameras to monitor the whole area, with one CAM7511 360° fisheye camera, the entire central display area is covered without any blind spot.


All Surveon’s NVRs are built-in with the premium-grade storage subsystem. The enterprise RAID system provides high I/O, large capacities and overall system stability necessary for scalable projects and its advanced VMS incorporates plenty of functionalities applicable for any professional security project. The 8 bay hardware RAID SMR8000 NVR system, with advanced VI such as virtual matrix, multi-client, e-Map, advanced live view and playback, really lives up to House Green’s expectations: not merely a recording box but a proactive and powerful security system to strengthen House Green’s in-store operation efficiency.


The built-in real time video analytics engine helps House Green improve the retail operation efficiency. For example, the Intrusion Detection can be served as an instant service helper. When customers are stepping in certain areas for more than 15 seconds, the staff will be notified and go to provide further services to boost sales. As for the People Counting feature, it can be used as an indicator, showing hot and cold traffic areas so that the staff can be better allocated, and an optimal merchandise placement can be ensured. The Virtual Fence can be used as an active alarm, optimizing the security and asset protection in the store.


“With Surveon’s complete solutions, it’s possible for us to have situations intelligently interrogated, loss prevented, profitability improved, shrinkage reduced, and better services for our customers,” said Roger Lo, VP of House Green.


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