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What’s the Most Important Thing for You When Designing a Surveillance System?

Compatibility? Stability? Scalability? Operability? or Price?

With Surveon's proven expertise, we are able to provide value-added solutions to meet your every demand. Whatever surveillance needs you may have, we’re ready to fulfill them. From IP cameras, network video recorders, video management software to storage, we have them all ready and integrated.

How to Monitor and Maintain Your System at Ease?

Being a SI, occasionally you get calls from your customers, complaining their surveillance system is not working properly and they need your instant help. As a responsible SI, you will go and check their site personally, even that means a 2-hour’s drive and plus 1 hour stuck on the road. But the worst part is you will probably miss your boy’s birthday party……

With SurveOne, things become easier. SurveOne is a web-base tool to monitor the status of your surveillance system in real time. Whenever you have an internet access, you can check the health of the system to ensure the consistent stability. And with the help of the real-time classified event logs, you can identify and react faster to the one that needs to take actions first. Time and money can be saved. You can be in control, keep track of the system status and aware of what went wrong way before your customer notices and calls you for help. More SurveOne


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