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Surveon Failover solutions provide a flexible system architecture to implement mutual recording backup among multiple NVRs without keeping a spare one just for this purpose. Besides, it allows the license of camera to be shared with the Failover ones, making it become the best C/P Failover solutions for critical applications such as bank.

Surveon Failover Solutions provide 3 advantages to partners:

Catering to different vertical applications, Surveon offers a variety of Failover solutions, including Peer Mode and Dedicated Mode, giving partners many options for their projects.

Without manual setting, when protected server fails, the Failover server will clone the configuration such as alarm rule of it at the same time, and take over its recording work.

Without preparing a spare NVR, both NVR1 and NVR2 in the system could serve as Failover NVR for each other.

Surveon Failover Solutions' Operation Modes


Internal Storage Structure – Peer Mode


Mutual Failover protection: Without preparing a spare NVR, both protected NVR and Failover NVR perform recording under normal situation, when protected NVR fails, its video will be recorded to Failover NVR’s internal storage.


External Storage Structure – Dedicated Mode

Spare NVR dedicated to perform Failover function: The Failover NVR shares the same file space as protected NVR whether it’s working or not, resulting in the protected NVR’s video will be recorded and saved to the same location once it’s taken over by Failover NVR.

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