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NVR7800 Series
Built-in H/W RAID Function for Stable System Integration
Up to 316 HDDs with JBOD Expansion
Cableless Design & Hot Swappable Redundant Power for Easy Maintenance
User-friendly UI: Easy Setup & Storage Monitoring


Sales Kit

Application Note


-  XProtect® Corporate:

Advanced surveillance solution in large-scale and high-security projects, such as city surveillance and airport.

-  XProtect® Enterprise:

Medium to large surveillance solution for medium-large scale areas, such as train stations and power plants.

-  Performance Test:

1. Support up to 150-ch 3 megapixel cameras recording (recording throughput nearly 2000 Mbps).

2. The reult shows NVR7800 Series deliver 4 times performace than benchmark level based on different test scenarios.


-  Genetec Omnicastâ„¢ VMS

Provides organizations of all sizes the ability to deploy a surveillance system that addresses their unique video security needs.

-  Performance Test:

The result shows NVR7800 Series can serve 300 CH 1.3MP cameras with continuous recording or 190 CH 1.3MP cameras with motion detection recording.

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