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Dr. NVR aims to share some insights on the factors you could take into account when specifying suitable NVR for your projects. In last chapter, Dr. NVR shares the overview of video analytics. In chapter 10, Dr. NVR will introduce what are intrusion and track video analytics, and how they improve your surveillance performance and business benefits.

What are "intrusion" and "track" video analytics?

Video Analytics - Intrusion

Intrusion is the act of intruding, forcible inclusion or entry in an area that is not welcome. Without staring monitors for 24/7, intrusion video analytics can help users to detect the act of intrusion and give alerts.

Video Analytics - Track

Track is the act of following the movements or trail of someone or something, typically in order to find them or note their course. Track video analytics help users to find the direction of moving object, give alert if the object goes to wrong direction.

What are the functionalities of above video analytics?

Intrusion Video Analytics
Intrusion Detection

It detects malicious activities, policy violations or invasion; once detected, it will trigger alarm. It can be used in places where safety and security are top priorities, for example hard shoulders and the sensitive area in campus or airport.

Forbidden Area Detection

Setting a detection zone as forbidden means there should be no trespasses in the set area; any incoming will trigger alarm. It can be applied for places where perimeter security is required such as server room and data center.

Virtual Fence

Setting a virtual fence means drawing a line that should not be crossed; it will trigger alarm when the line is crossed. It can be employed in places where crossing will cause damage, for example country borderline and waiting line on station platform.

Going Out Detection

By setting a detection area, boundaries and the object size, objects can move around in the set detection area but cannot cross the set boundaries, otherwise it will trigger alarm. This can be applied for attendance checking, preventing a student leaves the classroom or an employee gets off work before the schedule time.

Track Video Analytics

Fisheye Auto Tracking

The windows show the movements of object with 360° surround and 180° panoramic viewing angles, which allow fisheye to work as PTZ camera, performing wider monitoring. It can be applied for place where is filled with valuable things and needs to be monitored intensely, for example boutique stores.

Tailgating Detection

The alarm will be triggered when an object moves in the same direction but does not stop or stays too close to the previous one when crossing the dividing line in the detecting area. This can be used when the act of passing through needs to be charged or in access control, for example station gates, parking lots, toll booths, and the ATM.

Why you should choose Surveon intrusion video analytics solutions?

Which NVR provides intursion video analytics and is suitable for my project?

Project Segment Applications Suggested NVRs Pictures of NVRs
(16-32 Channels)
SMB, Retail,
(16-64 Channels)
Industrial, Harbor,
Logistics, Traffic,
City, Government
(32-128 Channels)
Bank, Airport,
Critical Infrastructures
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