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Key Word Date Headline
Dr.NVR Series, VA 2018/9/11 Surveon Video Analytics Optimize Your Business Operations
Avatar Failover 2018/7/24 Surveon Avatar Failover Ensures Continuous Record Through Collaborative NVRs
Dr.NVR Series, Data Retention 2018/5/22 Surveon Keeps Data Intact with Long Data Retention Solutions
Failover, NVR 2018/4/24 Surveon Keeps Video Record Continuously with Failover Solutions
Dr.NVR Series, NAS NVR 2018/4/10 Surveon Increases Your Productivity and Profits with NAS NVR
GSe Pro 3008, Cloud NVR 2018/3/13 Surveon Cloud NVR GSe Pro 3008 Series Enhances Enterprise's Productivity by Providing The Best System Scalability
GSe Pro 1004, Cloud NVR 2018/2/13 Surveon Introduced Enterprise-quality Cloud NVR GSe Pro 1004 Series To Meet SMB's Requirements
Dr.NVR Series, Cloud NVR 2018/1/9 Surveon Maximizes Your Data Protection with Scalable Cloud NVR Solutions


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Cloud NVR with Multiple Storage Architectures 2017/12/5 Surveon Cloud NVR Solutions with Multiple Storage Architectures Provide Best Flexibility to A Variety of Projects
Cloud NVR 2017/10/25 Surveon Launches High Scalability, Cloud-ready NVR for A Wide Variety of Applications
NVR5408 2017/10/3 Surveon Launched The Smart Data Protection Storage-Server NVR5408 Series for Mid-range Projects
NVR Supports H.265 2017/8/29 Surveon Achieves Higher Performance with Lower Bandwidth Budget with H.265-supported NVRs
Dr.NVR Series, Storage Expansion 2017/8/15 Srveon Maximizes the System Storage Capacity with High-flexibility Storage Expansion Solutions
NVR3304 2017/7/6 Surveon Introduced the Best and Worthy Solution NVR3304 for Middle-large Applications
Failover 2017/4/25 Surveon Enhances the Protection of Video Recordings with Upgraded VMS
High Throughput, Long Recording Day, NVR7800, NVR7300 2017/2/8 Surveon Boosts Surveillance Performance with High Throughput and Long Recording Day
SurveOne Phase 1.2 2017/1/4 Surveon Facilitate Surveillance System Status Monitoring via SurveOne Phase 1.2
Key Word Date Headline
Advanced Failover 2016/12/21 Surveon Advanced Failover Solutions Protect Data with Best C/P Value
NVR2104, RAID Subsystem 2016/11/1 Surveon Introduced NVR2104 with RAID Subsystem for Centralized Management of Multi-site Videos
SPhone, Remote Monitoring 2016/10/18 Surveon SPhone Facilitate Remote Monitoring
Auto fisheye tracking, Live view tracking 2016/7/19 Surveon Announced Upgraded VMS to Enhance Surveillance Applications
NVR5400, Storage-server, 64CH, JBOD extension 2016/6/21 Surveon Best C/P Storage NVR5400 Series Secure Your Large Projects
Failover, banking solution 2016/6/7 Surveon Introduces NVR Failover Solutions to Enhance Banking Surveillance
NVR7300, Storage-server, 128CH, JBOD extension 2016/4/14 Surveon Introduces Linux-based Storage-sever NVR7316 to Provide Enhanced Security for Critical Projects
NVR7800, Storage-server, Milestone OS, big throughput 2016/3/10 Surveon Launches Storage-server NVR7800 Series with Milestone VMS for Performance-driven Surveillance Application
Key Word Date Headline
SMR2110, SMR5110, SMR8300, 4-64CH, Enterprise VMS 2015/9/8 Surveon Tower SMR Series Ensures System Stability and Recording Performance for Professional Megapixel Surveillance
EnStor storage subsystem, RAID, mission-critical, NVR3000, NVR5000 2015/5/5 Surveon NVR Solutions Provide Large Data Storage and Enterprise Data Services for Advanced Megapixel Surveillance
NVR5316 2015/2/4 Surveon Enterprise NVR5000 Keeps Maintenance and Scalability Simple for Advanced Surveillance
Key Word Date Headline
NVR5316 2014/12/2 Surveon Releases Enterprise Server NVR with Capacities, Scalability and Easy Maintenance
Enterprise VMS, RAID protection, Backup 2014/11/4 Surveon Advanced Data Solutions Meet the Vast Storage Demands in Mission-Critical Surveillance
RAID, NVR3000, Enterprise VMS 2014/5/7 Surveon Introduces New Linux-based RAID Megapixel NVR with Enterprise VMS for Professional Surveillance
SMR, NVR2100 Series 2014/4/3 Surveon Enterprise NVR Solutions Provide High System Stability and Recording Performance for Professional Megapixel Surveillance
SCC, Enterprise VMS 2014/1/9 Surveon Announces SCC 2.5 for Advanced Surveillance Management

Network Camera


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H.265 Camera 2018/7/10 Surveon H.265 Cameras Achieve Better Performance with Robust Quality


Key Word Date Headline
IR Speed Dome 2017/6/13 Surveon New IR Speed Dome Cameras Present Excellent Performance in Long Range Darkness


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VA Camera 2015/12/21 Surveon New Premium VA Camera Series Optimizes Business Operations
3MP Compact Bullet Camera 2015/11/4 Surveon Delivers Quality and Versatile Surveillance Solutions with 3MP Compact Bullet Camera Series across Many Sectors
3MP 25FPS 2015/10/6 Surveon New 3MP 25FPS Cameras Offer Quality and Budget-Saving Solutions for the Retail Industry
Smart Auto WDR, Smart IR, Dynamic Streaming 2015/8/6 Surveon New Smart Image Optimizers and Bandwidth Optimization for Advanced Megapixel Surveillance
Auto HDR, Smart Autofocus 2015/7/7 Surveon New Premium Camera Series Offers High Video Visibility with Low Bandwidth Demand
Key Word Date Headline
Smart Shutter, ROI 2014/9/4 Surveon Smart Image Optimizers Empower Partners to Manage Advanced Megapixel Surveillance
2 MP Cameras 2014/7/8 Surveon New 2 Megapixel Cameras Offer Quality, Reliability and Budget-Saving for the Mainstream Markets
3MP 30FPS HDR Cameras 2014/6/4 Surveon Offers Milestone Fully Integrated Cameras and Reliable Storage for Advanced Applications

Success Cases / Solutions


Key Word Date Headline
Government Solutions 2018/11/13 Surveon Protects the Governments with Best C/P Value Solutions
Campus Solutions 2018/10/30 Surveon Increases in Security for Campus
Bank, Success Cases 2018/10/16 Surveon Avatar Failover Ensures Bank 24/7 Recording and No Video Loss with Dual Copies
HQ-Branch Solutions 2018/9/25 Surveon HQ-Branch Solutions Facilitate Enterprise Security Effectively
Military Solutions 2018/8/28 Surveon Military Solutions Support Partners to Win Worldwide Projects
Marine, Success Cases 2018/8/14 Surveon Works with the World Leading SI to Win Marine Projects with High Reliability Solutions
Airport Solutions 2018/6/26 Surveon Maximize Airport Safety with Complete Solutions
City Solutions 2018/6/12 Surveon Protects Cities with High Reliability Solutions
Industrial Solutions 2018/5/8 Surveon Elevates the Productivity of Factories with Industrial Security Solutions
Commercial Building 2018/3/27 Surveon Safeguards the Property and Profits for Commercial Buildings
Government, Success Cases, Bolivia Customs 2018/2/27 Surveon Improves the Safety of Bolivia Customs Building with Upgrading Surveillance Solutions
Education 2018/1/24 Surveon Raises the Bar on Security for Campus


Key Word Date Headline
Healthcare, Success Cases 2017/11/23 Surveon Ensures The Safety of Malaysia’s Healthcare Services Provider with Reliable E2E Solutions
Commercial Buildings, Success Cases 2017/9/12 Surveon Enhances Polish Historic Buildings' Safety with Best C/P Surveillance Solutions
Worldwide Success Cases 2017/7/25 Surveon's Worldwide Success Cases Support Partners to Growth
Harbor 2017/6/27 Surveon Maximum the Safety of Harbor with Reliable Solutions
Critical Infrastructure 2017/5/31 Surveon Ensures Smooth Operation for Crucial Infrastructure with Comprehensive Surveillance Systems
Industrial, Success case, NVR7300 2017/5/18 Surveon Realized the 180-day Non-stop Recording for Factory in Kuwait City with Enterprise-grade NVR
Transportation 2017/4/12 Surveon Maintains a Safer Environment for Passengers with Reliable Transportation Solutions
Failover, Healthcare, Success case 2017/3/29 Surveon Failover Solution Keeps Public Hospital's Surveillance Intact
Residential 2017/3/7 Surveon Guards the Community with Comprehensive Residential Solutions
City, Success case 2017/2/23 Surveon Safeguarded City in Southern Taiwan with Thousands of Highly Reliable Cameras
Healthcare 2017/1/24 Surveon Upgrades Hospital Security with Complete Solutions
Key Word Date Headline
Casino 2016/12/6 Surveon Secures Casino with Advanced Surveillance Solutions
Logistics 2016/11/16 Surveon Ensures Warehouse Security with Advanced Total Solutions
Education 2016/10/4 Surveon Enhances Campus Security with Advanced Solutions
Government 2016/9/21 Surveon Protects the Governments with Best C/P Value Solutions
Government, Success case 2016/9/7 Surveon Safeguard Post Offices in Cairo with Reliable Surveillance Solutions
Commercial, Success case 2016/8/23 Surveon Secured the Surveillance System for Airline Catering Service Provider in Hong Kong
Commercial 2016/8/9 Surveon Protects the Property and Profits for Commercial Buildings with Enterprise Surveillance Solutions
Healthcare, Success case 2016/7/26 Surveon Secure Taipei City Hospital with Upgrading Surveillance System
Airport 2016/5/12 Surveon Airport Solutions Keep Security under Control
City 2016/4/28 Surveon Protects Cities with Reliable End-to-end Surveillance Solutions
Casino, Success case 2016/3/24 Surveon Delivers Prominent Surveillance Solutions to Safeguard Casino in Vietnam
Key Word Date Headline
Logistic, Success case 2015/5/19 Surveon Enterprise RAID Protection & Advanced Video Management Safeguard ILS Warehouse
Public Utility 2015/3/5 Surveon Enterprise NVR5000 Provides High Reliability, Easy Maintenance and High Scalability for Public Utility Surveillance
Key Word Date Headline
City, Success case 2014/10/2 Cluster RAID Storage and Enterprise CMS Protect Capital of Mongolia
Retail, Success case 2014/8/5 360° Megapixel Surveillance and Reliable RAID Solutions Safeguard Coseimpa Shops
Airport, Success case 2014/2/6 Surveon Secures Airport Administration Bureau with Reliable RAID Storage and Megapixel Quality

Key Word Date Headline
IFSEC 2016/6/15 Surveon Vertical Solutions Make All Differences at IFSEC 2016
Intersec 2016/1/7 Surveon to Showcase Comprehensive Solution at Intersec 2016
Key Word Date Headline
IFSEC 2015/6/4 Surveon New NVR Series Features Advanced Data Storage and Easy System Monitoring at IFSEC 2015
Intersec 2015/1/6 Industry-1st Enterprise Server NVR with Cableless, Redundant Design
Key Word Date Headline
ISC West 2014/3/6 Surveon Complete Megapixel Solutions Showcased at ISC West 2014
2009 ~ 2013
2013/12/4 Surveon to demonstrate the new 3 Megapixel 30 FPS HDR Solutions at Intersec 2014

Surveon Deploys 3,000 Highly Reliable 3 Megapixel Cameras to Safeguard Southern Taiwan City

2013/10/3 Surveon to Showcase the Next Generation 3 Megapixel Real-time HDR Cameras at CPSE 2013
2013/9/10 Surveon 3 Megapixel Real-time HDR Cameras Optimize Retailers' Profitability
2013/8/6 Surveon Releases the New Generation 3 Megapixel 30 FPS H.264 HDR Camera, Promising Excellent Image Quality and Real-time Performance
2013/7/3 Surveon End to End Megapixel Solutions with Enterprise RAID Storage Secure New Taipei City
2013/6/4 Surveon Announces CMS ES2.5 for Advanced Command Center Management
2013/5/8 Surveon's End to End iSCSI Megapixel Solution Safeguards the Turkish-Iranian Border
2013/4/2 Surveon Presents NVR2164 RAID NVR - Full HD 64 CH @ 1920 FPS for Medium to Large Scalable Projects
2013/3/5 Surveon New 5 Megapixel Cameras Offer Enhanced Image Quality
2013/1/30 Surveon RAID NVR & Intelligent Video Analytics Upgrade Factory to Megapixel Surveillance
2013/1/3 Surveon Announced New Megapixel Recorders with Smarts, Speed and Stability
2012/12/17 Surveon to Showcase Complete Megapixel Solutions at Intersec 2013
2012/11/28 KL Tower Selects Surveon to Ensure 24x7 Security Monitoring
2012/10/29 Surveon Completes 2 Megapixel Camera Product Line - Featuring 15 Models for Any Application
2012/9/26 Surveon Teams up with Digifort to Provide Advanced Megapixel Surveillance Solutions
2012/9/11 Surveon to Showcase Complete Megapixel Solutions at Security Essen 2012
2012/8/23 Surveon to Offer Complete Megapixel Solutions Optimized with Milestone XProtectR at ASIS 2012
2012/7/24 Surveon Launches Comprehensive Line-up of New 2 Megapixel Sony Exmor Sensor Full HD Cameras
2012/6/19 Surveon Released the New Compact NVR with 16-Channel Full HD Live View & Recording
2012/5/23 Surveon Launches New Generation HD Cameras with Advanced Image Functionality
2012/5/9 Nutritional Supplements Factory Achieved 120-day Megapixel Recording with Surveon Solutions
2012/4/25 Surveon Launches EMR Series at IFSEC 2012
2012/4/3 Surveon to Showcase SMR Series at Secutech Taipei 2012
2012/3/15 Surveon SMR2000 Megapixel RAID NVR - Ideal Solutions for 16 CH Megapixel Surveillance Projects
2012/2/28 Surveon Showcases 48-channel Megapixel Recording SMR8000 Hardware RAID NVR at ISC West 2012
2012/2/7 Surveon RAID NVR Upgrades Largest Commercial Bank in Vietnam
2012/1/9 Surveon Showcases New EMR9000 Hardware RAID NVR at Intersec 2012
2012/1/5 Surveon Launches New Compact Megapixel Cameras ideal for Shops and Restaurants
2011/12/19 Surveon Announces EMR9000 NVR Optimized with Milestone XProtect
2011/11/16 Milestone and Surveon Announce Strategic Partnership
2011/11/1 Surveon announces new UK office to better serve European partners and customers
2011/10/6 Surveon Megapixel RAID NVR Simplifies Security Upgrade for Hospital
2011/9/13 Surveon to Showcase Its Enterprise-Class SMR Solutions
2011/8/31 Surveon offers comprehensive line-up of 3-megapixel network cameras
2011/7/12 Surveon Expands Megapixel RAID NVR Line-up with New SMR5000 Series
2011/6/10 Surveon NVR Enhances University Security with 48TB Megapixel HW RAID NVR
2011/4/11 Surveon at Secutech 2011
2011/3/23 Surveon at ISC West 2011
2011/2/17 Surveon Releases Enterprise VMS Equipped Megapixel Storage Suites
2011/1/10 Surveon to Showcase its 3 Megapixel WDR Cameras and RAID NVRs at Intersec
2011/1/4 Surveon Introduces NVRs with up to 154TB for Megapixel IP Video Surveillance
2010/11/25 Increasing Security Management Efficiency with Surveon Active VMS Solutions
2010/10/5 Transition to End-to-End Network Video Solutions at ESSEN with Surveon
2010/10/5 Megapixel Camera = Better Image Quality?
2010/4/23 Surveon Plans to Exhibit Full of Megapixel Video Surveillance Solution Lineup, Including New Clustered Storage Product Line, at IFSEC 2010, Birmingham, UK
2010/3/5 Surveon VMS 2.2 is released with enhanced GUI for monitoring, playback, and management
2010/2/25 Surveon has joined ONVIF to Offer Open Standard Compliant IP Surveillance Video Systems for a Safer World
2010/1/15 Surveon Held a Successful Exhibition of Digital Video Surveillance Solutions for Security Industries at Intersec 2010, Dubai, UAE
2010/1/15 Surveon Unveils High Performance H.264 Megapixel Network Cameras with Dual Memory Card Slot and Tampering Detection
2009/9/3 Surveon introduces high-performance, reliable RAID subsystem for NVR2000 external storage expansion
2009/9/3 Surveon reveals high-performance, reliable network video recorder for up to 32 network cameras
2009/5/5 Surveon to Exhibit NVR Series IP Surveillance Solutions for Security Industry at IFSEC 2009, Birmingham, UK
2009/5/5 Surveon Held a Successful Exhibition about NVR Series IP Surveillance Solutions at SecuTech Expo. 2009
2009/3/30 Surveon to Exhibit NVR Series IP Surveillance Solutions for Security Industry at ISC West 2009, Las Vegas