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Solution Highlights

Solution Topology

  • NVR7812/7816 NVR with pre-loaded Milestone XProtect VMS for large scale and distributed surveillance operations
  • Support up to 150 CH 3MP cameras without frame drop, total recording throughput up to 2000Mbps
  • Support up to 316 HDDs with high density 4U 60-bay expansion enclosure (maximum capacity of up to 2.5 PB with 8TB HDD)

NVR7800 Series

Milestone VMS

  • Server-storage design for best cost-performance ratio
  • Cableless design with hot swappable redundant component for easy maintenance
  • Built-in RAID function for data protection
  • Built-in SAS expansion for JBODs with up to 316 HDDs
  • Intuitive set-up page for hassle-free installation


  • XProtect® Corporate:
Advanced surveillance solution in large-scale and high-security projects, such as city surveillance and airport

  • XProtect® Enterprise:
Medium to large surveillance solution for medium-large scale areas, such as train stations and power plants


Milestone Performance Test

The test reult shows NVR7800 Series deliver a performace more than four times than benchmark level based on different test scenarios.



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