Cloud NVR   VMS1

RAID Protection, Seamless Expansion

Featured with enterprise RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, and supporting up to 64-channel Full HD recording, Surveon NVR series ranges from 2 to 16 bays, augmentable from 1 TB to 48 TB. The award-winning EonStor subsystem storage offers the maximum performance and highest reliability to ensure no data loss.

Enterprise VMS Preinstalled

All Surveon NVR models come with our intuitive Video Management Software. It requires only minimal trainings to fully control and conduct, providing professional features such as advanced configurations, real-time monitoring, instant playback, video analytics, and search engine to ease the complicated video management.

Video Analytics Improves Effectiveness

Surveon's intelligent Video Analytics solution provides users with a total awareness controlling framework, turning massive data into actionable information. The real-time video analysis identifies and initiates alerts for various user-defined events, offering monitoring, detections, and responses for a variety of applications.

Scalable Video Matrix Wall Management

Surveon NVR series supports the Surveon Control Center (SCC), a powerful add-on suite for large-scaled and mission-critical projects. The SCC manages centralized alarms, multiple clients, unlimited numbers of cameras and NVRs, interactive video walls, and matrix screen displays to offer users scalable solutions.