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Surveon Cloud NVR Solutions (GSe Pro)

The existing NVR advantages + the premium value of Cloud NVR

Feature Highlight

1. Surveon Enterprise NVR with Infortrend Cloud Storage

Native with Surveon NVR advantages of enterprise design, data protection,and high reliability.

Support wide range cloud services for both private and public cloud.

Powerful data services and rich built-in easy IT networking applications.

2. Data Protection & Long-time Recording

Built-in Infortrend patent RAID with Intelligent Drive Integrity (IDR) for prevention of data corruption and drive rebuild.

12Gb/s SAS connection for JBOD expansion up to 436 drives for years recording.

Support iSCSI (SAN/NAS) expansion for data backup or recording purpose.

3. SAN, NAS & Cloud in Single System

One storage supporting NAS, SAN, DAS, cloud, and NVR function.

File sharing across multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

Premium Value of Cloud NVR

1. Powerful Data Service & Cloud-integrated Features

Supports SSD cache, automated storage tiering, thin provisioning, etc.

Supports cloud integrated features, including data cache, tiering, and backup.


2. Rich Built-in Applications

Easy usage NAS built-in with diverse application services such as LDAP, Proxy, VPN, Syslog Server to assist users simplify IT environment deployment.


3. Variety of Storage Expansions

Supports storage expansion via Cloud, aside from iSCSI/NAS/JBOD.

Variety of Form Factors Offering (4/5/8/12/16 Bay)

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