Real-time System Status Monitoring

The overall status of NVRs, cameras, and storage is displayed graphically, allowing users to grasp how the systems are at a glance. To ensure overall system stability, users can also check detailed information, including NVR status, network connectivity, storage capacity, and camera status.

Easy Configuration and Maintenance

Designed for easy configuration, deployment and maintenance, SurveOne allows users to do one-time setup. Users can simply copy the NVR or camera configurations and apply them to new devices to ease the complicated setup process. The configurations can also be saved as backup and restored when needed.

Real-time Classified Event Logs for Quicker Actions

NVR and camera event logs are presented in real-time and classified into 3 groups: critical error, error, and warning, for easy management. With classified event logs, users can identify which event needs to take actions first and which not to respond to the situations more quickly and efficiently.

Monitor Anytime, Anywhere

The web-based SurveOne allows users to check the overall system status in a browser using HTTP. As long as there is network connectivity, users can easily monitor the system status locally or remotely and ensure the consistent stability.

SurveOne Specifications

System Monitoring
  • NVR/camera system status overview
  • NVR device/network/storage real-time status monitoring
  • Camera real-time status monitoring
  • Easy NVR/camera configuration copy
  • Easy NVR/camera configuration backup/restore 
  • Easy camera firmware online upgrade
  • Easy multiple cameras batch setting
Event Log
  • NVR/camera real-time event log information
  • Critical error/error/warning multi-level event classifications
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