Surveon Enterprise NVR5000 Keeps Maintenance and Scalability Simple for Advanced Surveillance

Surveon Enterprise NVR5000 Provides High Reliability, Easy Maintenance and High Scalability for Public Utility Surveillance

Taipei, Taiwan, March 5, 2015

Surveon, the complete megapixel solutions provider, lately presented the industry-leading compact server NVR for easy management and vast data storage in mission-critical projects. With a shorter chassis, cableless design, redundant modules, and scalable capability, the enterprise NVR5000 series ensures high reliability and easy maintenance for surveillance of key infrastructures such as telecommunication towers, power plants, and water dams.

Many CCTV equipment rooms are with limited space and with higher temperature due to heavy machine operations.  “We have designed the NVR5000 with friendly usability in mind,” said Casper Wu, Product Manager of Surveon.  The NVR5000 comes with a shorter chassis (500 mm/19 inches in depth) and can fit in a standard CCTV rack without occupying extra space usually required for a server NVR.  With the cableless design, the NVR5000 can avoid dust and allows better circulation and thus reduces thermal issues to ensure system reliability for long-hour, non-stop recording in mission-critical applications such as power generation facilities.

“Another hassle system integrators often face is the high cost and effort when it comes to repairing,” said Wu. The NVR5000 offers the swappable HDDs and modularized CPU and power supplies; installers can easily replace the malfunctioned module instead of the entire system to keep maintenance simple and low-cost.

Large data storage and data integrity are among the top priorities in public utility surveillance, as continuous megapixel recording and long video retention are usually required because of the importance of the facilities for the general public. The enterprise NVR5000 series is built-in with 16-bay HDDs for data storage.  And without using complex remote storage such as NAS or iSCSI whose performance lies heavily on the network status, the NVR5000 is equipped with two SAS expansion ports and is expandable up to 64 HDDs with simple cable connections. As for data integrity, the NVR5000 provides RAID 5 and 6 for highest data protection to ensure overall system stability and zero video loss, empowering the series to meet the stringent demands of 24/7 non-stop megapixel recording.

The NVR5000 also supports multiple-access surveillance which is very important for projects with vast and open space, such as telecommunication towers and water dams.  Security guards can use the local client to monitor the site in the control room and use their mobile phones or tablets to monitor on the go.  They can also monitor the site remotely from their home office or on the web.

All Surveon NVR series are pre-installed with the Surveon VMS, offering enterprise functionalities including large data backup and archiving, remote data retrieval, real-time video analytics, instant playback, fisheye dewarping, PIP, multiple displays, centralized domain management and many more. Moreover, the Surveon NVRs are compatible with the advanced Surveon Control Center (SCC), supporting TV matrix, central alarm and high scalability with unlimited cameras, NVRs and clients perfect for large-scale projects. For more information on Surveon NVR solutions, please visit

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