About Surveon Technology

Requirements for Restaurant Applications

    Loss Prevention - Cashiers

  1. The cashier counters in a restaurant is the place where restaurant managers should keep an eye on for any internal fraud or trade error.
  2. Restaurant managers would like to control what is happening around the cashier registers in order to prevent any financial losses.
  3. If serious discrepancy occurs during daily checkups, the recorded video can help to trace back what happened at the cashier.
  4. Besides providing evidence of suspects from the recorded video, the complete installation of surveillance system in restaurants can also help preventing crimes from happening by providing identities of potential suspects.

Keep an Eye on Everything

Large-scaled restaurants may have more than one floor in the building to serve customers. The bigger the restaurant, the more difficult it is for the restaurant to take care of all customers and control all on-site situations, especially during busy hours. IP surveillance cameras can keep an eye on everything via remote monitoring stations using the existing IP networks.

Surveon SMR Series Solution

Benefits of Surveon's SMR solution:

  1. The SMR Series works as a standalone NVR server, so users can easily start local monitoring by connecting a monitor to the system.
  2. All cameras installed in any entrance or critical points can be centrally monitored by the SMR Series.
  3. The SMR Series is fully burn-in-tested and uses preloaded Surveon Enterprise VMS to eliminate compatibility issues while reducing maintenance overheads. It is out of question that the SMR Series is the most reliable and cost-effective solution for small to medium sized surveillance needs.


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