Surveon Announces SCC 2.5 for Advanced Surveillance Management

Taipei, Taiwan, January 9, 2014

Surveon, the complete megapixel solutions provider, today introduces the Surveon Control Center (SCC), a powerful add-on suite for advanced security projects.  Upgraded from Surveon's VMS, the SCC has more to offer, including interactive video walls, matrix screen displays, centralized alarm management, and scalability with thousands of cameras and multiple clients.

Supporting interactive video walls and matrix screen displays, the SCC provides scalable and cost-effective solutions to handle the challenges of decoding and displaying of numerous HD videos that control centers often need to deal with.  With its intuitive design, the SCC can show HD videos on multiple displays by simply dragging and dropping cameras into the monitor views.  Multi-monitors are also supported; up to 9 monitors can be arrayed together for a more detailed image.

Based on the enterprise client-server architecture, the SCC works on a simple yet compelling platform.  With a single login from any PC/client to the SCC central domain server, the SCC can take controls of monitoring, playback, and configurations on all the connected appliances, including cameras, NVRs, monitors, and I/O devices.  Besides, the SCC extends the centralized conducting to log management, controlling different subsystems from one single platform at any remote locations to ease the complications of configuration and maintenance.

It is recommended to deploy the SCC with Surveon's advanced clustered storage solutions.  Instead of the conventional built-in HDDs, recordings are stored in the IP SAN and with the protection of RAID subsystems to guarantee the maximum reliability.  Moreover, its cloud-based solutions help system integrators lower the number of HDDs, saving the overestimation costs for more than 30% and bringing down the management issues.  To ensure data integrity, Surveon's data protections include thin provisioning, snapshot, volume copy, volume mirror, sync and async remote replication for middle to large-scale security projects. 

The SCC shares the same superior features with the Surveon VMS, supporting more than 600 IP cameras and easily integrating with other appliances.  The VI detection also provides users with a total awareness controlling framework.  The SCC is designed to improve flexibility, scalability, and interoperability, allowing integrators to manage megapixel projects with easy operation and maintenance.

For more information, please visit or Surveon booth (S1-833C) at Intersec 2014, Dubai, UAE.

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