Surveon Announces CMS ES2.5 for Advanced Command Center Management

Taipei, Taiwan,June 4, 2013

Surveon, the complete megapixel solutions provider, today announced the latest upgrade of CMS ES2.5, the professional surveillance management software designed for medium to large megapixel projects.  The CMS ES2.5 is based on the enterprise level client-server architecture and the domain based framework with the advanced features including TV-wall, central alarm management, I/O control, and advanced event report system.  With the CMS ES2.5, project managers can easily handle a distributed system with unlimited cameras, multiple servers and clients, and effectively take charge of the entire system using centralized management.

Surveon CMS ES2.5 supports up to 128 TV-wall clients and 4 screens per client to reach 512 monitors for concurrent surveillance in the control room. In addition, the CMS ES2.5 supports 4 and 6 display array with HD resolution to offer clear and enlarged images for megapixel surveillance.  Along with Surveon’s centralized IP SAN platform, integrators can build up an end to end solution with hundreds of channels under the same domain structure.  And the seamless integration of Surveon CMS and iSCSI storage also enables full scalability in each part of the system including IP cameras, NVR, VMS, storage, and display monitors.

“TV-wall, IP SAN and centralized alarm I/O control are the must for advanced surveillance solutions.  However, to adapt IP SAN and megapixel cameras, the project requires higher costs and endures higher integration risks,” said Casper Wu, product manager of Surveon.  “Using Surveon's CMS ES2.5, iSCSI storage and full line of megapixel cameras, partners can easily take on advanced projects with a proven reliable, cost-effective, and fully integrated end to end solution.”

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