Increasing Security Management Efficiency with Surveon Active VMS Solutions

Taipei, Taiwan –Nov 25, 2010

Security Integrators are continuously
involved in increasing surveillance efficiency
through smart, automated surveillance
technologies, while maximizing the response
and investigation times of security personnel. Surveon's VMS 2.4 Enterprise helps our partners towards these goals by seamlessly integrating scenario based live monitoring and investigation. Our VI server, one of the features in enterprise VMS suite, can be set up node to support real-time VI detection functions for a network of NVR servers. This real time VI detection ability, when combined with advanced rule management and notifications such as panel pop-ups, give security personnel a defined, managed procedural flow for event detection and response. For example, a single intrusion event can be quickly ascertained in a 50 camera setup via the real time detection panel. A detected event can be tagged and annotated, and if necessary, a timely response or further online investigation can be performed quickly and easily, with the integrated security-flow providing a template for these actions.

In addition to these powerful monitoring and investigative features, Surveon VMS also includes value-enhancing features for our partners including multi-monitor, advanced E-maps, HTML integration, multi-event investigation and remote management. All the features are based on our flexible, scalable megapixel-optimized recording platform, which ensures our partners a reliable upgrade to megapixel IP solutions.

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