Surveon Video Analysis Solution

Surveon VA is a real-time video analytics solution that turns standard surveillance into an intelligent system. By performing the real-time analysis of the video stream, Surveon VA identifies and initiates alerts for various user-defined events, offering effective monitoring, detections, alerts, and responses to events for a variety of applications.

Key features :

  • Wide Range of Detection Functions
  • Active Alarm and Event Handling
  • Smart and Powerful Investigative Modes
  • Actionable Monitoring via Event Bookmark
  • Highly Scalable with Distributed Architecture
Surveon Video Analytics Solutions

Video Analytics by NVR

There are 12 major functions in NVR to identify and initiate alerts for various user-defined events, including Intrusion Detection, Forbidden Area Detection, Virtual Fence, Going Out Detection, Tailgating Detection, Object Motion Detection and so on.

Video Analytics by Camera

To save the CPU resource of NVR, Surveon Video Analytics Camera Series provides the immediate alert with built-in 5 functions when the defined event is triggered. It’s suitable for applications that require quick response and action taken in time, such as stores and shops with valuable items.

Advanced Video Analytics
Category Performed by Video Analytics Schematic Diagram Description Download
Intrusion NVR   Intrusion Detection It detects malicious activities, policy violations or invasion; once detected, it will trigger alarm.
NVR   Forbidden Area Detection Setting a detection zone as forbidden means there should be no trespasses in the set area; any incoming will trigger alarm.
NVR   Virtual Fence Setting a virtual fence means drawing a line that should not be crossed; it will trigger alarm when the line is crossed.
NVR Camera Going Out Detection By setting a detection area, boundaries and the object size, objects can move around in the set detection area but cannot cross the set boundaries; otherwise it will trigger alarm.
Investigation NVR   Missing Object Detection When something was there but disappeared, it will trigger alarm.
NVR   Foreign Object Detection This functionality is the opposite of the missing object detection for detecting what was not there but strangely appeared.
  Camera Object Loitering Set a detection area and time, if any objects loiter for longer than the specified time, it will trigger alarm.
Tracking NVR   Fisheye Auto Tracking The upper left corner shows the tracking result and the window below shows 180°dewarping view with auto pan. Allow fisheye to work as PTZ camera, performing wider monitoring.
NVR   Tailgating Detection The alarm will be triggered when an object moves in the same direction but does not stop or stays too close to the previous one when crossing the dividing line in the detecting area.
NVR   Object Motion Detection This functionality is to detect directions within the limits of the acceptance angle, any wrong direction will trigger alarm. Object Motion Detection is using NVR to detect and Camera Motion Detection is using camera to detect, occupying the CPU resource of camera.
NVR Camera Camera Motion Detection
Counting NVR Camera People / Vehicle Counting After setting a line, direction and the object size, Surveon VA will count the numbers when people or things cross the line.
Abnormality for Camera NVR   Tampering Detection This functionality is used for detecting any damage or external changes on the camera, for example being redirected, defocused, blocked or spray-painted. Any obstruction on camera will trigger alarm.
  Camera Optical Diagnosis The alarm will be triggered when the following events are happened to camera: insufficient / excessive brightness, signal loss, high noise ratio.
UI Panel & Smart Investigation

Actionable Monitoring

Its real-time event notification on the security panel and real-time live view, review and the advanced video labeling for event follow-up can turn the traditional passive monitoring to the active actions.

Smart Investigation

Provide security managers an efficient tool to quickly identify useful information and relative footage from hundreds of hours of video recording.

Surveon Video Analysis Summary
Category VA @ NVR VA @ Camera
Intrusion Intrusion Detection
Forbidden Area Detection
Virtual Fence
Object Motion Detection
Camera Motion Detection *
Camera Motion Detection *
Object Loitering
Investigation Missing Object Detection
Foreign Object Detection
Tracking Fisheye Auto Tracking
Tailgating Detection
Going Out Detection *
Going Out Detection *
Counting People / Vehicle Counting * People / Vehicle Counting *
Abnormality for Camera Tampering Detection Optical Diagnosis

* VA in both NVR and Camera
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