Surveon Achieves Higher Performance with Lower Bandwidth Budget with H.265-supported NVRs

Surveon Achieves Higher Performance with Lower Bandwidth Budget with H.265-supported NVRs


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New Taipei City, Taiwan, Aug. 29, 2017 Surveon Technology, the enterprise NVR solutions provider, today announced it NVRs will start to support H.265 cameras. H.265 (High Efficiency Video Coding, also known as HEVC) is a video compression standard whose predecessor is H.264, supporting up to 300 fps and 8K, and ensuring to deliver video quality identical to H.264 at only the half of bit rate. Supporting H.265 cameras, Surveon NVR allows partner to save the budget while extending many days of data retention without expanding the capacity of storage.


Saving budget of storage or extend the data retention days

H.265 standard can save the half of storage space compared with H.264, allowing partners to expend lower costs and obtain longer data retention days without buying more storages.

*1 CH H.265 required storage space per month (30 days) = 2(Mbp)/8*3600*24*30/1024/1024 = 0.62 TB
*1 CH H.264 required storage space per month (30 days) = 4(Mbp)/8*3600*24*30/1024/1024 = 1.24 TB


40%-50% lower bandwidth budget compared to H.264

H.265 can transfer the same quality video as H.264 at the half of bandwidth, allowing partners to enjoy the video even at an environment with low-speed internet.


50% bit rate reduction compared with H.264 at the same visual quality

The macro block of illustration is fixed when you use the traditional H.264 standard. Under H.265 standard, the size of code unit is determined by the regional information that allows partners to transfer the video with the half of bit rate compared with H.264. From the image contrast, we can see the video quality under H.265 is much better than H.264.


Surveon NVR provides 3 main categories of advantages to support partners growth, including (1) enterprise design, (2) data protection, and (3) high reliability while H.265 is one of the advantage under enterprise design category. For more information about Surveon NVR advantages, please visit at or Surveon website:


Notice: Available for Hikvision and Dahua H.265 cameras now.


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