Surveon Maximizes the System Storage Capacity with High-flexibility Storage Expansion Solutions

Surveon Maximizes the System Storage Capacity with High-flexibility Storage Expansion Solutions


Storage Expansion Solutions

New Taipei City, Taiwan, Aug. 15, 2017 Most large scale and critical projects such as cities and commercial buildings are required for long-time recording and longer data retention days. To fulfill those projects' need while reducing the total cost of increasing storage demands, multiple storage expansion solutions based on different storage architectures such as DAS, SAN, and NAS are designed by IT pros. Surveon provides the budget-saving storage expansion solutions that allow partners to expand the storage capacity in batches, giving partners the more convenient and flexible choices to meet the increasing requirements of the projects.


Easy to Expand the Storage Capacity via iSCSI/SAS/NAS

Surveon provides multiple ways for partners to easily expand the storage capacity of system, including SAS (connect JBOD), iSCSI, and NAS. Partners can buy up storages and expand the storage capacity of the system in batches, making it become the very best budget-saving options. All Surveon NVRs support iSCSI for large data storage.


Support 400+ Hard Disks Expansion

Surveon storage expansion solutions support more than 400 hard disks expansion, allowing partners to easily expand number of retention days with large capacity. All Surveon rackmount NVRs support JBOD expansion.


Provide Faster and Smoother Read/Write Performance When JBODs Connected

Adopted Infortrend's patented read/write technology, Surveon's storage expansion solutions can isolate the abnormal drive to maintain system stability and guarantee the performance during drive I/O delay, offering even better read/write performance when JBODs are connected to the system.


Surveon storage expansion solutions have been adopted in several vertical solutions, such as KL Tower, the highest building in Malaysia, requiring for 120 days of video content storage. Another success case would be the internet service provider (ISP) in Taiwan, who is also satisfied with the large capacity which expanded through iSCSI, and the system allows 180-day recorded videos to retain. For more reference about the storage expansion solutions and its success cases, please visit:



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