Surveon Launches Storage-server NVR7800 Series with Milestone VMS for Performance-driven Surveillance Application

Taipei, Taiwan, March 10, 2016


Surveon Technology, the end-to-end IP surveillance solutions provider, today introduced its Milestone certified NVR7800 Series, providing Milestone system integrators with an excellent option for potential surveillance tenders. The new NVR7800 Series supports up to 150 channel 3MP cameras with continuous recording and 316 HDDs with high density 4U 60-bay expansion enclosure. Moreover, Milestone XProtect Corporate and Enterprise VMS will come pre-loaded in this Series to provide easier access for end-users.

NVR7800 Series was designed as a recording server with an archiving function that offers cost advantages compared to traditional system structures composed of recording server plus a separate storage device. Featuring built-in RAID function, the video data can be retained under solid protection. Meanwhile, the built-in SAS port connection for JBOD expansion enclosures allows the system to scale up to 316HDDs, making it ideal for medium-large scale projects in need of non-stop recording. In addition to these data protection and retention benefits, NVR7800 Series’ cable-less design with hot swappable redundant components make it easy to maintain and ensure reliable performance.

Based on the test findings, NVR7800 Series supports up to 150 cameras, more than twice Milestone’s benchmark level in a non-stop recording scenario. The system is even capable of supporting more than four times the number of cameras estimated by benchmark under the testing scenario where motion detection is enabled. Moreover, the test shows that NVR7800 Series delivers a high level of recording throughput of nearly 4000 Mbps, ensuring cameras can record and be viewed reliably.

NVR7800 Series is best suited to performance-driven application. “As a certified storage server by Milestone, we hope to provide Milestone’s partners with a NVR platform offering not only outstanding performance and scalable storage, but also competitiveness in expenses for overall system designing” commented Casper Wu, the Product Marketing Manager of Surveon Technology.

The NVR7800 Series includes NVR7812 (2U 12-bay) and NVR7816 (3U 16-bay) with Windows 7 as default OS and Milestone XProtect Corporate and Enterprise VMS as the pre-loaded OS kit. Initial shipment is scheduled for mid of March. For more information, please visit



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