Surveon Enterprise NVR5000 Keeps Maintenance and Scalability Simple for Advanced Surveillance

Surveon NVR Solutions Provide Large Data Storage and Enterprise Data Services for Advanced Megapixel Surveillance

Taipei, Taiwan, May 5, 2015

Higher image quality, enhanced technology, and more complicated project requirements result in larger data for storage in megapixel surveillance now than ever before.  Surveon, the complete megapixel solutions provider, offers the advanced storage solutions to achieve the strong demands of long video retention period, efficiency, scalability as well as data integrity for partners to effectively manage large data with overall system stability and zero video loss.

“Reliable, fast, high-performance, well-protected against any video loss, and highly scalable solutions are what system integrators are looking for in the storage management for professional surveillance projects,” said Casper Wu, Product Manager of Surveon.  Featured with the award-winning EonStor storage subsystem, the Surveon NVR series is with RAID 1, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, 60 data protection, supporting Full HD (1080P) recording of up to 64 channels, meeting the large storage requirement of up to 448 TB to provide the maximum reliability for system integrators to manage megapixel projects.

In addition to the high-performance, reliable RAID protection, the EonStor data storage supports enterprise-class data services, including snapshot for point-in-time, space-saving copies; thin provisioning for simplified capacity planning and management tasks; volume copy/mirror for quickly restoring production with full data copies; local replication with snapshot and volume copy/mirror capabilities; and remote replication for disaster recovery, data backup or migration over a long distance. These data services are designed to ensure data integrity and to better utilize capacity, while promising the best I/O performance and scalability.  The Surveon NVR series also comes with the smart SANwatch storage monitoring suite which allows SIs to easily manage and monitor the storage status to ensure the high availability of recorded video.

Surveon provides a full line of NVR solutions for different market demands, with the professional all-in-one NVR3000 for entry-level, budget-saving applications, the enterprise cableless NVR5000 and hot-swappable SMR8300 or medium to large-scale projects, and the corporate series with subsystem storage for the high-end, mission critical markets.  For more information, please visit our website at or Booth No. 5130 (Toshiba) at Secutech 2015, Taipei, Taiwan.

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Surveon Technology offers end-to-end network video surveillance solutions that showcase our expertise in professional camera design, RAID NVR, high-availability video storage, embedded firmware and video management software. All Surveon products are designed in-house and manufactured on our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified production site to ensure the highest quality for our partners. For more information about Surveon, please visit our website at

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