Surveon Completes 2 Megapixel Camera Product Line - Featuring 15 Models for Any Application

Taipei, Taiwan, October 29, 2012

Surveon, the complete megapixel solutions provider, today announced three new 2 megapixel cameras for its professional series.  The new Full HD cameras include the outdoor bullet CAM3351, the indoor vari-focal IR fixed dome CAM4321, and the standard DC-Iris box CAM2301A. Along with its advanced and Premium series, Surveon now provides the most complete Full HD camera selection ready for entry-, middle- and high-level projects.

“The megapixel cameras have penetrated into the middle and entry levels of applications in the recent years,” said Casper Wu, product manager of Surveon. “With the most comprehensive Full HD camera line-up in the market, we have empowered our partners to take on any megapixel project at any level.”

Surveon’s Complete 2M Camera Line-up for Different Segments:

Series Economical Professional Advanced Premium
Key Feature Built-in ISP
Fixed Lens
Built-in ISP
Fixed Lens
Advanced ISP
Vari-focal Lens
Advanced ISP
Sony Exmor Sensor
Auto-focus Lens
Box CAM1301 CAM2301A CAM2311 CAM2311P
Bullet - CAM3351 CAM3361 CAM3371
Indoor Dome CAM1320 CAM4311
CAM4321 -
Outdoor Dome - - CAM4361
Speed Dome - - - CAM6351

The new professional Full HD cameras leverage the built-in ISP to offer fine image quality in both indoor and outdoor applications.  The CAM3351 is a compact and cost-effective bullet equipped with IP66, day/night, and IR functions for outdoor applications such as building, factory, restaurant, and SMB surveillance.  The CAM4321
fixed dome, with vari-focal lens, day/night, and 25-meter IR LED, offers an excellent choice for any kinds of indoor applications.  The CAM2301A keeps the flexibility of the box camera with the CS/C mount lens and the DC-Iris support.

Surveon’s new 2 megapixel cameras support the ONVIF standards and are fully compatible with Surveon VMS and the 3rd party CMS, giving customers a broad range of solution selections for their projects.  The new cameras can be used in combination with Surveon's industrial-grade megapixel RAID NVR systems to create highly integrated and reliable solutions that reduce the integration effort for project installers.

For more information, please contact, or visit or Surveon Booth at Security China (Hall E1-G29) from December 3 to 6, Beijing, China.

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