Surveon Releases Enterprise VMS Equipped Megapixel Storage Suites

Taipei, Taiwan - Feb. 17, 2011

Megapixel video provides clearer pictures and the promise of advanced surveillance management, however the difficulty of selecting a reliable storage solution and the complex integration and maintenance loads associated with storage prevent many system integrators from developing this market. To address this major need, Surveon has expanded its enterprise VMS with automatic storage management for multiple camera megapixel recording. Along with enterprise features such as VI detection, client server architecture and enterprise management, Surveon is capable of providing ideal solutions for high retention period, mission critical IP video surveillance.

Surveon VMS Series vs. Competing Solutions

  Surveon VMS + Surveon Storage Common VMS + NAS Common VMS + Enterprise Storage
Installation & Configuration Free Installation
Simple Configuration

Complex Installation and Configuration, No VMS Integration

Optimized for Megapixel Recording Mostly SMB NAS, not Megapixel Optimized Mostly Generic Enterprise Storage, not Megapixel Optimized
Data Protection & I/O Performance High Performance Enterprise Grade Hardware RAID Subsystems
PC based Software RAID is not recommended for Megapixel Project
High Performance Enterprise Grade Hardware RAID Subsystems
Design & Manufacturing
100% In-house CTOS CTOS

Solution Name Description Content
VSK5008-8B 14 TB with RAID5, 30 Days@8 CH Megapixel VMS SW License + 16TB RAID Subsystem
VSK5016-16B 30 TB with RAID5, 30 Days@16 CH Megapixel VMS SW License + 32TB RAID Subsystem
VSK5032-24B 44 TB with RAID5, 30 Days@32 CH Megapixel VMS SW License + 48TB RAID Subsystem
VSK5064-48B 88 TB with RAID5, 30 Days@64 CH Megapixel VMS SW License + 96TB RAID Subsystem
NVR2000 Series Max up to 160 TB, Ideal for up to 30 Days@ 64 CH Megapixel Enterprise Grade NVR2000 + RAID Subsystem
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