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August 2016 Newsletter

New Arrival

Airline Catering Service Provider in Hong Kong

Surveon Secure the Safety for Airline Catering Service Provider in Hong Kong


Surveon is pleased to announce the worldwide service provider for airline catering and provisioning , has adopted Surveon’s IP surveillance solutions as their partner for security application. With Surveon’ s comprehensive surveillance product lines, including high-resolution network cameras, professional megapixel recorders and enterprise-level video management software, the service provider can easily monitor important working areas at any time to make sure their service can be delivered on time with top quality.


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Surveon Protects the Property and Profits for Commercial Buildings

As people come in or go through the buildings every day, security has become one of the priorities to be focused on for the operation of commercial buildings. IP surveillance solutions are particularly essential for those commercial applications generally used in a wider and more open areas it requires system scalability. Surveon enterprise solutions help commercial buildings to prevent the incidents such as thefts or other illegalities, effectively safeguarding their property and profits in time.


Application Note

How to mount RAID on NVR7800 Series

It couldn't be easier! Just take few miniuntes to follow the clear instructions, and you will know how to create recording/ archiving RAID by EonOne Lite and mount the RAID on NVR7816.


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