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Surveon NVR5400 Series

▪  Support up to 96-ch 5 megapixel recording without frame drop
▪  Support SAS JBOD and iSCSI for storage expansion
▪  Support maximum total 316 HDDs
▪  Support hot swappable HDD in 2U 12 bay or 3U 16 bay form factor
▪  Built-in H/W RAID 1, 5, 6, 5+spare, 6+spare for ultimate data protection
▪  Support Surveon Enterprise VMS & SurveOne Web-based Easy System Management UI

Features Highlight

▪ Storage Expandability


▪ Intelligent Driver Integrity (IDR)

Support 14x JBOD 2U 12-Bay (total 180HDDs) / 3U 16-bay (total 240HDDs) / 5x JBOD 4U 60-bay (total 316HDDs) 3 options.


Smart data recovery mechanism to detect and recover bad blocks. Failing drive prediction to copy and clone data before a disk fails.


▪ Multi-functional Combination


▪ Smooth Performance

The Server + Storage design provides high integration with other devices for system stability.


Patented read/ write technology to guarantee performance during drive IO delay.


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