May 2011

Complete Megapixel Solutions

Megapixel solutions are key trend in video surveillance. However, high I/O, huge capacity, and stability of the overall solution tend to be challenges for system integrators” said Jeff Lu, the product manager of Sunshine.
Nevertheless, Surveon makes simple and reliable megapixel solutions possible with the NVR2000 series; its 50TB capacity and the lineup of enterprise megapixel cameras allowed Sunshine Information Co. to handle the Kainan University project quickly and make it a success for all parties involved.


Kainan University, founded in 2000, is the leading comprehensive college
located in Taoyuan, Taiwan. It occupies an open area of nearly 17 hectares,
and has 2500 students, 25 departments, 16 graduate schools and four master programs.


In the campus area of Kainan, the number of security guards was limited, and there were many places that were not being monitored. Traditional DVR solutions were no longer able to meet its surveillance needs, and Kainan University started looking for an advanced security system to tighten up campus security. As megapixel cameras offer up to four to six times the image quality provided by analog cameras, the school hoped to deploy complete megapixel surveillance solutions for the campus.
Megapixel solutions offer significant benefits for surveillance operations. However, the large number of megapixel cameras (up to 90) and the need for 60-day recordings presented many different issues for the system integrator, Sunshine Information Co, including the I/O performance of traditional NVR, stable integration of storage solutions and proven solutions that can assure end-to-end integration. To successfully deal with all these issues, Sunshine adopted Surveon’s eminent end-to-end megapixel solution, including cameras, real-time VI engine, RAID NVR and enterprise VMS solutions.

“At the beginning, we had lots of concerns about the proprietor’s needs for megapixel solutions.  But by using Surveon’s complete megapixel solutions, we were able to bring this project within budget, and provide the customer with extra functionality and extremely reliable RAID NVR without affecting our profits” said Jeff Lu.


88 Surveon cameras, including 70 CAM4260 outdoor IP fixed domes, 10 CAM2201 IP box cameras and 8 CAM6180 outdoor speed domes have been installed for strategic monitoring of classrooms and hallways, as well as building entrances, pedestrian areas and campus grounds. They make use of Surveon’s video analytics functions to control recording. The facilities are split into three levels in an existing university building, with a dedicated 32-channel NVR2000 serving each level, each archiving up to 60 days of surveillance footage for associated cameras.

Surveon's H/W RAID NVR makes capturing, analyzing, managing and searching video surveillance easier and faster. Its active VI detection has a preconfigured base for a number of scenarios, such as intrusion detection on the campus, examination of important gates or parking lot detection. The NVR distinguishes what’s important from what is not, turning the raw surveillance videos into useful information. The recorded events are analyzed and labeled with details such as time, date, direction, color and size of the objects, etc.


Kainan University, Taoyuan County, Taiwan

School Demographics and Population:

2500 students, 17 hectare

Cameras: 88 cameras

University Needs

  • Megapixel solution offering 60 days recording 
  • Improve campus service quality and event responsiveness
  • Prevent theft and vandalism
  • Tighten up campus security
  • Improve quality of surveillance videos
  • Provide more active managements and
    instantaneous reactions to incidents
  • Reduce cost for video system maintenance

Surveon Solution:

Highly integrated solution with the following:
  • CAM4260 megapixel vandal proof outdoor dome
  • CAM2201 megapixel day & night cameras
  • CAM6180 outdoor speed dome cameras
  • NVR2032 HW RAID NVR with 48TB
  • Surveon video analytics

Surveon Solution and Benefits:

  • The only all-in-one solution that meets 60-day
  • Exemplary performance, distinguishingly stable HD
    and zero frame loss
  • HW RAID NVR ensures megapixel recording
  • Real time VI detection upgrades security
  • Complete solution simplifies project integration.
  • Smart investigation for easy case management
  • 100% in-house design and production
  • 3 year warranty

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