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May 2017 Newsletter

New Arrival

Factory in Kuwait City

Surveon Realized the 180-day Non-stop Recording for Factory in Kuwait City with Enterprise-grade NVR

Surveon is pleased to announce the factory in Kuwait City has deployed Surveon’s IP surveillance solutions as their partner for security application, including 100+ megapixel cameras and 10 enterprise-grade network video recorders, which not only fulfill the need of 180-day non-stop recording, but also ensure a strong protection for the safety in the factory.


Hot Topic

Dr. NVR: What Are the Advantages of System with Data Replication?

Data replication is a process of copying data from one location in a storage device to another location of the same or different storage device to spread the risk of data loss and extend the retention of recorded videos.




Application Note

How to Use EonOne Lite to Build up RAID for NVR5400/NVR7300?

EonOne Lite is a user-friendly and intuitive management tool for storage. Besides guiding users to quickly and easily complete all setups of RAID creation or deletion, it also offers a range of features for central management of system. In this application note, we will show you how to use EonOne Lite to build up RAID step by step.


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