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February 2017 Newsletter

New Arrival

Highly Reliable Cameras

Surveon Safeguarded City in Southern Taiwan with Thousands of Highly Reliable Cameras

Surveon is pleased to announce the police unit in southern Taiwan has adopted 4000+ Surveon IP cameras for city surveillance application. Surveon’s 3 megapixel camera offered not only high image quality and good low light performance, but also came with extremely low failure rate, ensuring all traffic on the roads and streets can be well-monitored.


Hot Topic

Dr. NVR: How Does Throughput Affect Video Surveillance?

As an experienced professional in video recording and storage, Surveon’s Dr. NVR aims to share some insights on the factors you could take into account when specifying suitable NVR for your projects. To begin with, Dr. NVR will introduce Throughput, one of the factors that might be underrated, and show how it affects surveillance work and the advantages of NVR with high throughput.


Application Note

How to Clone Images and Rebuild RAID for NVR5400?

Only 3 steps needed! Prepare a USB and follow the easy instructions then you will learn how to clone images, delete and create new RAID for your NVR5400 Series.


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