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December 2016 Newsletter

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Surveon Advanced Failover Solutions Protect Data with Best C/P Value


The advanced version for Failover solution, including disconnected alarm and the file space sharing for both Failover NVR and protected NVR, helping staff to enhance their management efficiency. Moreover, it allows the license of camera to be shared with the Failover ones, making it a best C/P solution for mission-critical applications.


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Surveon Secures Casino with Advanced Surveillance Solutions

Surveon’s professional casino solutions, including a series of HDR cameras, 5 megapixel fisheye cameras, enterprise hardware RAID megapixel recorders as well as central management software, also called as Surveon Control Center (SCC), casino can easily track every event that occurs at any time with improved profitability while being cost-saving.


Application Note

How to Update Patch and Rebuild System for Linux NVR/SMR?

Just take 10-15 minutes to follow the easy instructions and you will learn how to upgrade Linux NVR/SMR and re-build the system through a USB stick.


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