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September 2016 Newsletter

New Arrival

Post Offices in Cairo

Surveon Safeguard Post Offices in Cairo with Reliable Surveillance Solutions


Surveon is pleased to announce the Egyptian post office has deployed Surveon’s IP surveillance solutions as their partner for security application. With Surveon’ s reliable surveillance solutions, including megapixel camera and professional megapixel recorder, more than 100 post offices were under solid surveillance protection to ensure the safety and their services could be delivered with best quality.


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Surveon Protects the Governments with Best C/P Value Solutions

Surveon provides government solutions with product lines including 3 MP cameras with 1.5-time larger monitoring range and 3-axis support, NVRs with premium-grade RAID function as well as feature-rich VMS with smart investigation and actionable monitoring. These affordable solutions enable the governments to well protect people from any threats.


Application Note

How to expand iSCSI for NVR7316?

In this application guide, we are going to introduce how to setup the iSCSI storage devices and add them to Linux based NVR. Just take a few minutes to follow the easy instructions, and you will become a Surveon expert before long!


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Surveon Camera Introduction

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How to expand JBOD for NVR7316

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NVR7316 installation
NVR7316 with JBOD Expansion
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