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Dr. NVR aims to share some insights on the factors you could take into account when specifying suitable NVR for your projects. In chapter 7, Dr. NVR will introduce what is NAS NVR and its characteristics. Moreover, the differences between Software-NVR, Hardware-NVR and NAS-NVR.

What Is NAS NVR?

NAS (network attached storage) is a computer appliance for storing and serving files. It attaches directly to a network, allowing the users on the network to access and share files from a central location. NAS NVR combines the advantages of NAS and NVR, users can record and share videos in one device, providing a budget-saving solution to small-medium projects, such as SMB.

When Should I Choose NAS NVR To Add My Productivity?

In general speaking, there are three kinds of NVR provided by market, software-NVR, hardware-NVR, and NAS NVR.

Type Software-NVR Hardware-NVR NAS NVR
System Diagram
Description Also called as PC-based NVR, user needs to download a video management software in PC to record and store videos. Built-in VMS, the hardware-NVR is dedicated to record and store videos, providing better reliability and data protection than software-NVR. To simplify IT environment deployment, NAS NVR allows user to record and share videos in one device, making it become the best CP solution for small to medium applications.
Data Sharing
Data Service
Data Protection
Application Service
System Scalability
Storage Expansions
Budget Saving
* Surveon provides all kinds of NVR above, giving partners complete NVR solutions.

Why Choose Surveon NAS NVR Solutions?

▪ SAN, NAS & Cloud in One System


▪ Surveon NVR Advantages and Powerful Data Services

Surveon NAS NVR supports NVR functions and different storage architectures such as NAS, SAN, DAS and cloud. Share files across multiple OS, including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.


Native with Surveon NVR advantages of enterprise design, data protection, and high reliability, Surveon NAS NVR further provides rich data services such as SSD cache and automated storage tiering.


▪ Rich Built-in Applications


▪ Variety of Storage Expansions

A NAS built-in with diverse application services such as LDAP, Proxy, VPN, Syslog Server to assist partners simplify IT environment deployment.


Surveon NAS NVR supports storage expansion via cloud, iSCSI, JBOD and NAS. Besides, its future-proof expansion solution offers ample data capacity of up to 428 drives.


Which Surveon NVR Is Suitable For My Project?

Project Suggested NVR Recommended Product's Pictures
Home, Retail, Restaurant, SOHO Software-NVR
Data Center, ISP, Bank, Airport, Casino, Critical Infrastructures Hardware-NVR
SMB, Chain Stores, Enterprise, Education, Healthcare, Commercial, Industrial, Logistics, Government, City, Residential, Transportation NAS NVR
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