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Dr. NVR aims to share some insights on the factors you could take into account when specifying suitable NVR for your projects. In chapter 6, Dr. NVR will introduce Cloud NVR, a scalable and cloud-ready solution for recording, storage and backup, and its characteristics.

What Is Cloud NVR?

Type NVR in Cloud NVR to Cloud
The video recordings will be transferred from IP cameras to cloud directly.
Internet communication only.
Only one copy which stores in cloud.
Recorded by NVR local and synced to cloud by internet, this topology enhances the safety of data transfer.
Combine close loop (NVR) and internet (cloud) communication.
At least two copies which store in NVR and cloud.
Lower Budget: Integrate a system without a NVR.
Simple Functions: Dedicate to recording and remote viewing.
High Bandwidth Required: Work with internet connection.
Premium NVR Functions: Include alarm, video analytics, etc.
Data Protection: Store two copies in NVR and cloud.
Auto Sync Replication: Automatically resume sync process from local NVR to remote cloud when internet re-connect.

How Cloud NVR To Add Your Productivity & Data Protection?

For Retail, SMB and SOHO


Single device fulfills both storage and surveillance needs.

Best C/P backup and storage solutions for SMB.

Easy file sharing with various built-in services.

Flexible expansion of storage capacity for future scale up.


For Data Center and Bank


Up to 428 drives for long-time storage and years recording.

Smooth service to large workforces.

Superior data transfer performance for IOPS/throughput-demanding applications.


For Enterprise and Multinational Corporations


Automatically replicate data to cloud.

Flexible cloud capacity usage and disaster recovery.

Easy data management and lower local maintenance cost.


Why Choose Surveon Cloud NVR (NVR to Cloud) Solutions?


Which Surveon Cloud NVR is Suitable for My Project?

Project Segment Application Suggested NVR Recommended Storage's Pictures
Professional SMBs, SOHO, Retail, Intelligent Buildings, Transportation, Restaurant
Enterprise Education, Healthcare, Commercial, Industrial, Logistics, Harbor, Government, Traffic, City, Residential
Corporate Enterprise, Data Center, Bank, Airport, Casino, Critical Infrastructures
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