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Sphone Client 3.1 APK

Video Management Software (VMS)

Model Firmware Version File Size Firmware Download Updated Date Release Note
VMS Professional 2.5.0.A13 221 MB 2015/9/10
VMS Remote Client


(for 32 bit OS)

83.41 MB 2016/6/2


(for 64 bit OS)

647.85 MB 2019/9/18
1. VMS Remote Client: Client / Server must be in the same version.

Surveon Control Center (SCC)

Model Version File size Download Release Note
Surveon Control Center (SCC) 2.7.5.A01 306.64 MB
TV Wall Matrix Client 2.7.5.A01 212.61 MB
1. SCC and Matrix client can’t be installed in the same workstation

Supported Model Firmware Version File size Firmware Download Release Note Upgrade Procedure
Linux NVR Firmware version higher than 3.0 (include 3.0) 105 MB