Travelling on the road could be dangerous than expected due to some uncontrollable factors like weather, road condition, physical condition or rackless driving by others. As traffic accidents take place every day, traffic surveillance has been an important issue to deal by the governments. To reduce the accidents and ensure the smooth traffic at all time, the governments need to seek a better surveillance system to provide clear videos and stable performance even under harsh outdoor conditions, allowing police units to prevent possible incidents or react in time if any suspicious roadblocks or emergency occurs.

There are some challenges you may face when designing a surveillance system for traffic monitoring:


Reliability for Cameras

Traffic monitoring requires the solution to provide sufficient reliability for long-term operations. Besides, the cameras need to support clear images with high quality, allowing police units to recognize crucial details such as license plates, regardless of different kinds of lighting environments.


Recorded Video Data Retention

The data retention of recorded video is particularly important to the planning and acceptance of traffic security projects. For example, when traffic accidents occurred, the police needs clear videos to know what was happened and takes it as a evidence to solve the conflict between the drivers.


Integration with Hundreds of Cameras, NVR and VMS

The complicated integration and verification tasks not only consume many invisible resources, but also contain potential risks of integration. As any part of system could be the reason that makes the system fail, it takes efforts and time to find out the root cause, let alone if the system is composed of products from different suppliers.

Surveon Makes the Differences in Traffic Surveillance

Excellent WDR & Low Light Function

Surveon cameras with true WDR and low lux performance ensure the traffic or travelling vehicles can be clearly seen, even under strong light contrast from headlights and dim night.


Well-integrated License Plate Recognition

With LPR, camera can detect, read and store license plates automatically. In some applications, LPR can also compare collected data with a watch list to provide automatic alerts. Surveon’s cameras provide low lux and good shutter speed, making it an ideal option for license plate capture applications.


Intelligence Video Analytics

Surveon video analytics such as Direction Detection can be employed for places where only one direction is allowed such as one way road, ensuring proper action can be taken in time to protect drivers from potential accidents.


Centralized Video Wall Management

For traffic applications, an enterprise-grade video management solution is the ultimate choice. The Surveon Control Center (SCC) supports the advanced TV-matrix wall that allows the police to know what is happening on the roads in a glimpse inside the control room.

System Architecture