The critical infrastructures of a nation provide the essential services that consolidate the society and serve as the backbone for the economy and security, such as the power we use at homes, the water we drink, and the communication systems we rely on to stay in touch with people. To reduce the risk to critical infrastructures by physical means, or lesson the effects of natural disasters or sabotage, governments need to rely on intelligent surveillance system which can provide active alarm to ensure proper action can be taken when incident or emergency occurs. Implementing an integrated, digital surveillance system provides a good foundation for critical infrastructure to improve national economic security, national public health and safety.

Being responsible for a critical infrastructure project, you might encounter some challenges:


Wide Temperature and Light Difference

The harsh weather and different light conditions can be challenging for the outdoor cameras to be able to function properly with clear images whether during the day or night time.


Emergency Notification

Critical infrastructure requires the solution to provide seamless communication across different units such as police and operations control center with effective emergency services.

Surveon Makes the Differences in Critical Infrastructure Surveillance

High Reliability for Cameras

Surveon cameras with true WDR and low lux performance ensure everything from incidents, sabotage to natural disasters can be clearly seen under complex lighting. Besides, it can handle harsh outdoor conditions, ensuring video footage can still be available in the environment of temperature from −40°C (−40°F) to 50°C (122°F) and 90%+ humidity.


I/O Alarms Management

The Surveon Control Center (CMS) can collect data to receive events such as intrusion detection and fire alarm with high I/O, making security guards more efficient to deal with critical situations such as fire in a very short time.


Real-time Video Analytics

Surveon video analytic function such as Intrusion and Virtual Fence Detection can be employed for places where only staff member is allowed to enter, ensuring proper action can be taken in time to protect people from potential threats.


Multiple Accesses for Remote Monitoring

The multiple accesses from web, remote, and mobile clients allow security guards to manage surveillance anywhere; any suspicious behaviors such as someone lingers beside a forbidden area can be stopped in time.

System Architecture