Surveon News
2019/7/19 Surveon Robust Surveillance System Protect Every Transaction for Banking
2019/6/17 Easy to Secure and Share Files – Surveon GSe Pro 205 (T) up to 64 ch NVR for SMB
2019/5/13 Surveon NVR7800 Provides Security and Stable Platform for Water Treatment Plant in Malaysia
2019/3/19 Surveon Logistics Solutions Ensure Warehouses' Work Efficiency
2019/2/26 Surveon Launches Powerful Best Price–performance Milestone Certified EonServ 7000 Series for Wide Range of Industries
2019/2/12 Surveon Enhances Environment Security with Detection Video Analytics
2019/1/22 Surveon the Best Price-performance NVR7800 Protected the Multinational Hypermarkets in South America
2019/1/8 Surveon Retail Solutions Turn Store Security into Profitability
2018/12/11 Surveon Improves the Surveillance Performance with Intrusion and Track Video Analytics
2018/11/27 Surveon's POS System Extracts Transactional Data to Aid Partners in Enhancing Stores Safety
2018/11/13 Surveon Protects the Governments with Best C/P Value Solutions
2018/10/30 Surveon Increases in Security for Campus
2018/10/16 Surveon Avatar Failover Ensures Bank 24/7 Recording and No Video Loss with Dual Copies
2018/9/25 Surveon HQ-Branch Solutions Facilitate Enterprise Security Effectively
2018/9/11 Surveon Video Analytics Optimize Your Business Operations
2018/8/28 Surveon Military Solutions Support Partners to Win Worldwide Projects
2018/8/14 Surveon Works with the World Leading SI to Win Marine Projects with High Reliability Solutions
2018/7/24 Surveon Avatar Failover Ensures Continuous Record Through Collaborative NVRs
2018/7/10 Surveon H.265 Cameras Achieve Better Performance with Robust Quality
2018/6/26 Surveon Maximize Airport Safety with Complete Solutions
2018/6/12 Surveon Protects Cities with High Reliability Solutions
2018/5/22 Surveon Keeps Data Intact with Long Data Retention Solutions
2018/5/8 Surveon Elevates the Productivity of Factories with Industrial Security Solutions
2018/4/24 Surveon Keeps Video Record Continuously with Failover Solutions
2018/4/10 Surveon Increases Your Productivity and Profits with NAS NVR
2018/3/27 Surveon Safeguards the Property and Profits for Commercial Buildings
2018/3/13 Surveon Cloud NVR GSe Pro 3008 Series Enhances Enterprise's Productivity by Providing The Best System Scalability
2018/2/27 Surveon Improves the Safety of Bolivia Customs Building with Upgrading Surveillance Solutions
2018/2/13 Surveon Introduced Enterprise-quality Cloud NVR GSe Pro 1004 Series To Meet SMB's Requirements
2018/1/24 Surveon Raises the Bar on Security for Campus
2018/1/9 Surveon Maximizes Your Data Protection with Scalable Cloud NVR Solutions
2017/12/5 Surveon Cloud NVR Solutions with Multiple Storage Architectures Provide Best Flexibility to A Variety of Projects
2017/11/23 Surveon Ensures The Safety of Malaysia’s Healthcare Services Provider with Reliable E2E Solutions
2017/10/25 Surveon Launches High Scalability, Cloud-ready NVR for A Wide Variety of Applications
2017/10/3 Surveon Launched The Smart Data Protection Storage-Server NVR5408 Series for Mid-range Projects
2017/9/12 Surveon Enhances Polish Historic Buildings' Safety with Best C/P Surveillance Solutions
2017/8/29 Surveon Achieves Higher Performance with Lower Bandwidth Budget with H.265-supported NVRs
2017/8/15 Srveon Maximizes the System Storage Capacity with High-flexibility Storage Expansion Solutions
2017/7/25 Surveon's Worldwide Success Cases Support Partners to Growth
2017/7/6 Surveon Introduced the Best and Worthy Solution NVR3304 for Middle-large Applications
2017/6/27 Surveon Maximum the Safety of Harbor with Reliable Solutions
2017/6/13 Surveon New IR Speed Dome Cameras Present Excellent Performance in Long Range Darkness
2017/5/31 Surveon Ensures Smooth Operation for Crucial Infrastructure with Comprehensive Surveillance Systems
2017/5/18 Surveon Realized the 180-day Non-stop Recording for Factory in Kuwait City with Enterprise-grade NVR
2017/4/25 Surveon Enhances the Protection of Video Recordings with Upgraded VMS
2017/4/12 Surveon Maintains a Safer Environment for Passengers with Reliable Transportation Solutions
2017/3/29 Surveon Failover Solution Keeps Public Hospital's Surveillance Intact
2017/3/7 Surveon Guards the Community with Comprehensive Residential Solutions
2017/2/23 Surveon Safeguarded City in Southern Taiwan with Thousands of Highly Reliable Cameras
2017/2/8 Surveon Boosts Surveillance Performance with High Throughput and Long Recording Day
2017/1/24 Surveon Upgrades Hospital Security with Complete Solutions
2017/1/4 Surveon Facilitate Surveillance System Status Monitoring via SurveOne Phase 1.2
2016/12/21 Surveon Advanced Failover Solutions Protect Data with Best C/P Value
2016/12/6 Surveon Secures Casino with Advanced Surveillance Solutions
2016/11/16 Surveon Ensures Warehouse Security with Advanced Total Solutions
2016/11/1 Surveon Introduced NVR2104 with RAID Subsystem for Centralized Management of Multi-site Videos
2016/10/18 Surveon SPhone Facilitate Remote Monitoring
2016/10/4 Surveon Enhances Campus Security with Advanced Solutions
2016/9/21 Surveon Protects the Governments with Best C/P Value Solutions
2016/9/7 Surveon Safeguard Post Offices in Cairo with Reliable Surveillance Solutions
2016/8/23 Surveon Secured the Surveillance System for Airline Catering Service Provider in Hong Kong
2016/8/9 Surveon Protects the Property and Profits for Commercial Buildings with Enterprise Surveillance Solutions
2016/7/26 Surveon Secure Taipei City Hospital with Upgrading Surveillance System
2016/7/19 Surveon Announced Upgraded VMS to Enhance Surveillance Applications
2016/6/21 Surveon Best C/P Storage NVR5400 Series Secure Your Large Projects
2016/6/15 Surveon Vertical Solutions Make All Differences at IFSEC 2016
2016/6/7 Surveon Introduces NVR Failover Solutions to Enhance Banking Surveillance
2016/5/12 Surveon Airport Solutions Keep Security under Control
2016/4/28 Surveon Protects Cities with Reliable End-to-end Surveillance Solutions
2016/4/14 Surveon Introduces Linux-based Storage-sever NVR7316 to Provide Enhanced Security for Critical Projects
2016/3/24 Surveon Delivers Prominent Surveillance Solutions to Safeguard Casino in Vietnam
2016/3/10 Surveon Launches Storage-server NVR7800 Series with Milestone VMS for Performance-driven Surveillance Application
2016/1/7 Surveon to Showcase Comprehensive Solution at Intersec 2016
2015/12/21 Surveon New Premium VA Camera Series Optimizes Business Operations
2015/11/4 Surveon Delivers Quality and Versatile Surveillance Solutions with 3MP Compact Bullet Camera Series across Many Sectors
2015/10/6 Surveon New 3MP 25FPS Cameras Offer Quality and Budget-Saving Solutions for the Retail Industry
2015/9/8 Surveon Tower SMR Series Ensures System Stability and Recording Performance for Professional Megapixel Surveillance
2015/8/6 Surveon New Smart Image Optimizers and Bandwidth Optimization for Advanced Megapixel Surveillance
2015/7/7 Surveon New Premium Camera Series Offers High Video Visibility with Low Bandwidth Demand
2015/6/4 Surveon New NVR Series Features Advanced Data Storage and Easy System Monitoring at IFSEC 2015
2015/5/19 Surveon Enterprise RAID Protection & Advanced Video Management Safeguard ILS Warehouse
2015/5/5 Surveon NVR Solutions Provide Large Data Storage and Enterprise Data Services for Advanced Megapixel Surveillance
2015/3/5 Surveon Enterprise NVR5000 Provides High Reliability, Easy Maintenance and High Scalability for Public Utility Surveillance
2015/2/4 Surveon Enterprise NVR5000 Keeps Maintenance and Scalability Simple for Advanced Surveillance
2015/1/6 Industry-1st Enterprise Server NVR with Cableless, Redundant Design
2014/12/2 Surveon Releases Enterprise Server NVR with Capacities, Scalability and Easy Maintenance
2014/11/4 Surveon Advanced Data Solutions Meet the Vast Storage Demands in Mission-Critical Surveillance
2014/10/2 Cluster RAID Storage and Enterprise CMS Protect Capital of Mongolia
2014/9/4 Surveon Smart Image Optimizers Empower Partners to Manage Advanced Megapixel Surveillance
2014/8/5 360° Megapixel Surveillance and Reliable RAID Solutions Safeguard Coseimpa Shops
2014/7/8 Surveon New 2 Megapixel Cameras Offer Quality, Reliability and Budget-Saving for the Mainstream Markets
2014/6/4 Surveon Offers Milestone Fully Integrated Cameras and Reliable Storage for Advanced Applications
2014/5/7 Surveon Introduces New Linux-based RAID Megapixel NVR with Enterprise VMS for Professional Surveillance
2014/4/3 Surveon Enterprise NVR Solutions Provide High System Stability and Recording Performance for Professional Megapixel Surveillance


Surveon Complete Megapixel Solutions Showcased at ISC West 2014


Surveon Secures Airport Administration Bureau with Reliable RAID Storage and Megapixel Quality


Surveon Announces SCC 2.5 for Advanced Surveillance Management

2013/12/4 Surveon to demonstrate the new 3 Megapixel 30 FPS HDR Solutions at Intersec 2014

Surveon Deploys 3,000 Highly Reliable 3 Megapixel Cameras to Safeguard Southern Taiwan City

2013/10/3 Surveon to Showcase the Next Generation 3 Megapixel Real-time HDR Cameras at CPSE 2013
2013/9/10 Surveon 3 Megapixel Real-time HDR Cameras Optimize Retailers' Profitability
2013/7/3 Surveon End to End Megapixel Solutions with Enterprise RAID Storage Secure New Taipei City
2013/6/4 Surveon Announces CMS ES2.5 for Advanced Command Center Management
2013/5/8 Surveon's End to End iSCSI Megapixel Solution Safeguards the Turkish-Iranian Border
2013/4/2 Surveon Presents NVR2164 RAID NVR - Full HD 64 CH @ 1920 FPS for Medium to Large Scalable Projects
2013/3/5 Surveon New 5 Megapixel Cameras Offer Enhanced Image Quality
2013/1/30 Surveon RAID NVR & Intelligent Video Analytics Upgrade Factory to Megapixel Surveillance
2013/1/3 Surveon Announced New Megapixel Recorders with Smarts, Speed and Stability
2012/12/17 Surveon to Showcase Complete Megapixel Solutions at Intersec 2013
2012/11/28 KL Tower Selects Surveon to Ensure 24x7 Security Monitoring
2012/10/29 Surveon Completes 2 Megapixel Camera Product Line - Featuring 15 Models for Any Application
2012/9/26 Surveon Teams up with Digifort to Provide Advanced Megapixel Surveillance Solutions
2012/9/11 Surveon to Showcase Complete Megapixel Solutions at Security Essen 2012
2012/8/23 Surveon to Offer Complete Megapixel Solutions Optimized with Milestone XProtectR at ASIS 2012
2012/7/24 Surveon Launches Comprehensive Line-up of New 2 Megapixel Sony Exmor Sensor Full HD Cameras
2012/6/19 Surveon Released the New Compact NVR with 16-Channel Full HD Live View & Recording
2012/5/23 Surveon Launches New Generation HD Cameras with Advanced Image Functionality
2012/5/9 Nutritional Supplements Factory Achieved 120-day Megapixel Recording with Surveon Solutions
2012/4/25 Surveon Launches EMR Series at IFSEC 2012
2012/4/3 Surveon to Showcase SMR Series at Secutech Taipei 2012
2012/3/15 Surveon SMR2000 Megapixel RAID NVR - Ideal Solutions for 16 CH Megapixel Surveillance Projects
2012/2/28 Surveon Showcases 48-channel Megapixel Recording SMR8000 Hardware RAID NVR at ISC West 2012
2012/2/7 Surveon RAID NVR Upgrades Largest Commercial Bank in Vietnam
2012/1/9 Surveon Showcases New EMR9000 Hardware RAID NVR at Intersec 2012
2012/1/5 Surveon Launches New Compact Megapixel Cameras ideal for Shops and Restaurants
2011/12/19 Surveon Announces EMR9000 NVR Optimized with Milestone XProtect
2011/11/16 Milestone and Surveon Announce Strategic Partnership
2011/11/1 Surveon announces new UK office to better serve European partners and customers
2011/10/6 Surveon Megapixel RAID NVR Simplifies Security Upgrade for Hospital
2011/9/13 Surveon to Showcase Its Enterprise-Class SMR Solutions
2011/8/31 Surveon offers comprehensive line-up of 3-megapixel network cameras
2011/7/12 Surveon Expands Megapixel RAID NVR Line-up with New SMR5000 Series
2011/6/10 Surveon NVR Enhances University Security with 48TB Megapixel HW RAID NVR
2011/4/11 Surveon at Secutech 2011
2011/3/23 Surveon at ISC West 2011
2011/2/17 Surveon Releases Enterprise VMS Equipped Megapixel Storage Suites
2011/1/10 Surveon to Showcase its 3 Megapixel WDR Cameras and RAID NVRs at Intersec
2011/1/4 Surveon Introduces NVRs with up to 154TB for Megapixel IP Video Surveillance
2010/11/25 Increasing Security Management Efficiency with Surveon Active VMS Solutions
2010/10/5 Transition to End-to-End Network Video Solutions at ESSEN with Surveon
2010/10/5 Megapixel Camera = Better Image Quality?
2010/4/23 Surveon Plans to Exhibit Full of Megapixel Video Surveillance Solution Lineup, Including New Clustered Storage Product Line, at IFSEC 2010, Birmingham, UK
2010/3/5 Surveon VMS 2.2 is released with enhanced GUI for monitoring, playback, and management
2010/1/15 Surveon Held a Successful Exhibition of Digital Video Surveillance Solutions for Security Industries at Intersec 2010, Dubai, UAE
2010/1/15 Surveon Unveils High Performance H.264 Megapixel Network Cameras with Dual Memory Card Slot and Tampering Detection
2009/9/3 Surveon introduces high-performance, reliable RAID subsystem for NVR2000 external storage expansion
2009/9/3 Surveon reveals high-performance, reliable network video recorder for up to 32 network cameras
2009/5/5 Surveon to Exhibit NVR Series IP Surveillance Solutions for Security Industry at IFSEC 2009, Birmingham, UK
2009/5/5 Surveon Held a Successful Exhibition about NVR Series IP Surveillance Solutions at SecuTech Expo. 2009
2009/3/30 Surveon to Exhibit NVR Series IP Surveillance Solutions for Security Industry at ISC West 2009, Las Vegas