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Surveon Launches Powerful Best Price–performance Milestone Certified EonServ 7000 Series for Wide Range of Industries

Surveon introduced its Milestone certified EonServ 7000 Series. With Milestone XProtect® Corporate VMS, the EonServ7000 Series supports up to 680 channel 2MP cameras with continuous recording and 436 HDDs with high density 4U 60-bay expansion enclosure, is the perfect surveillance NVR for a wide range of industries, including airport, factory, city and traffic, commercial building, and more.


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Surveon's POS System Extracts Transactional Data to Aid Partners in Enhancing Stores Safety

Surveon introduced Surveon POS Solution which can extract transactional data from point-of-sale (POS) system and pair the data with video from the time of the transaction, supporting partners to investigate criminal behaviors such as stealing money, address product shrinkage, record shipments and track parcels, enhancing their stores safety.

Vertical Solution

Vertical Solution

Surveon Logistics Solutions Ensure Warehouses' Work Efficiency

Surveon logistics solutions provide superior functions cameras, patent RAID NVRs, foreign object detection, face-identified access control and remote monitoring to solve the most distribution centers' security problems.

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Surveon Enhances Environment Security with Detection Video Analytics

Surveon Detection Video Analytics Solutions provide two ways of detection, including "Video Detection" and "Self Detection". For continuous monitoring the video clips in real time, partners can choose the Video Detection - such as Object Motion Detection. To avoid any damage or external changes on the camera, partners can adopt Self Detection - like Camera Tampering Detection to notify himself to fix the camera when any obstruction on it.

Application Note

Application Note

How to enable SyncCloud function in GSe Pro?

In this application guide, we are going to introduce setting up SyncCloud function in GSe Pro.






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