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Surveon Avatar Failover Ensures Continuous Record Through Collaborative NVRs

Surveon Avatar Failover supports mutual failover among NVRs, all NVRs in the system could perform recording and serve as failover NVR for each other. When disaster happened, the failover NVR can not only take over the recording work of protected NVR but also clone the original settings of it, making itself become an avatar of protected NVR.


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Surveon H.265 Cameras Achieve Better Performance with Robust Quality

Surveon introduced the new H.265 Series cameras, CAM3351E4-5, CAM3371EM-5, CAM4311E2-5 and CAM4371EM-5 for the premium series. Surveon H.265 Series cameras support IP67,IK10 and wide temperature for outdoor application and provide advanced video functions to keep everything being seen clearly.

Vertical Solution

Vertical Solution

Surveon Protects Cities with High Reliability Solutions

Surveon city solutions provide product lines including high reliability cameras with excellent image quality, feature-rich VMS with video analytics function, and RAID NVR with large storage capacity for 365+ days non-stopping recording. These comprehensive solutions help governments to build good foundations to improve social order, crack down on crimes, and protect citizens from horrible attacks.

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Vertical Solution

Surveon Maximize Airport Safety with Complete Solutions

Surveon airport solutions help the administration bureau to deploy security at the highest level. The complete solutions include wide areas covering cameras with advanced video functions such as WDR, RAID NVR with large extended storage, and the best C/P value VMS with built-in 12 video analytics, keeping airport a safe environment.

Application Note

Application Note

How To Setup NVR Object Counting?

In this application guide, we are going to give step by step instruction on how to setup NVR object counting function.






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