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May 2018 Newsletter

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Video Record

Surveon Keeps Video Record Continuously with Failover Solutions

More and more problems such as conflicts and burglaries are rely on the recording videos as the evidences. Therefore the most applications require a stable surveillance system to keep video record continuously. Surveon Failover solutions have deployed in one of the public hospitals in Asia and the server room of internet service provider (ISP), providing reliable video recording performance to keep things under control.


Vertical Solution

Surveon Elevates the Productivity of Factories with Industrial Security Solutions

Surveon provides IP cameras with enhanced video quality and network video recorders with large storage capacity which are proved to be beneficial for various industrial facilities. The industrial solutions have elevated the productivity of a nutritional supplements manufactory in Colombia, a locomotives manufactory in Brazil, and a factory in Kuwait.

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Surveon Keeps Data Intact with Long Data Retention Solutions

Surveon Data Retention Solutions provide four advantages, including large capacity for 365-day recording, advanced RAID + spare drive for data security, unique failover for continuous record when NVR fails, robust data replication for double data protection, keeping the factory in Kuwait and one of the public hospitals in Asia surveillance intact.

Hot Topic

Hot Topic

Surveon Increases Your Productivity and Profits with NAS NVR

NAS NVR combines the advantages of NAS and NVR, providing a budget-saving solution that users can record and share videos in one device, suitable for small-medium projects, such as SMB. Surveon NAS NVR further offers powerful data services, different storage architectures, variety of applications, and storage expansion options, increasing partners' productivity and profits.

Application Note

Application Note

How To Setup Failover in Linux NVR?

In this application guide, we are going to instruct you on how to set up the failover function and identify the failover function's status.


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