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Surveon NAS NVR Desktop Series - GSe Pro 108 Series

Surveon Enterprise NVR with Infortrend Cloud Storage
Up to 16CH Megapixel Recording (Up to 5MP or Above)
8-bay Hot-Swappable Design for SMB to Easily Use and Maintain
RAID Function & Hybrid Backup Solution for Data Protection
Built-in Surveon Enterprise VMS
Scalable Client-Server Architecture

How GSe Pro 108 Series to Meet SOHO’s Requirements?

Why Choose Surveon NAS NVR GSe Pro 108 Series?

24/7 Effective Monitoring with Multi-stream Technology

True Unified Storage Solutions

Real-time videos provide an intuitive interface and smart multi-stream technology to let users effectively monitor and control multiple IP cameras. Users can monitor anytime, anywhere with just a web browser or desktop client software.

Supporting block-level and file-level application access and integrates NAS/SAN/Cloud storage in one system, GSe Pro 108 offers connection to major cloud service providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, OpenStack, and Alibaba for future-proof cloud expansion.

Superior RAID Architecture & Various Data Services

Centralized Web-based Management with EonOne

GSe Pro 108 comes with an Infortrend-proprietary RAID architecture and various reliable data services designed for the SAN system, speeding up block-level data access and storage.

EonStor GSe Pro adopted the all new EonOne management software to assist customers improve storage and service efficiency to increase productivity. It allows users to monitor performance and capacity usage, and complete all related system configurations.

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