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Surveon Cloud NVR Desktop Series - GSe Pro 205/205T Series

Surveon Enterprise NVR with Infortrend Cloud Storage
Up to 64CH Megapixel Recording (Up to 5MP or Above)
5-bay Hot-Swappable Design for SMB to Easily Use and Maintain
RAID Function & Hybrid Backup Solution for Data Protection
Built-in Surveon Enterprise VMS
Scalable Client-Server Architecture

How GSe Pro 205/205T Series to Meet Small-Medium Enterprise’s Requirements?

Single device fulfills both storage & 24/7 non-stop surveillance needs   Enterprise Data Protection with RAID & Auto Cloud Backup Solution   Easy cross-office file-sharing and collaboration with diverse storage choices   Flexible cloud applications & storage capacity expansion for future scale up

Why Choose Surveon Cloud NVR GSe Pro 205/205T Series?

• 24/7 Effective Monitoring with Multi-stream Technology

• Easy Cross-office File-sharing and Collaboration

Real-time videos provide an intuitive interface and smart multi-stream technology to let users effectively monitor and control multiple IP cameras. Users can monitor anytime, anywhere with just a web browser or desktop client software.

GSe Pro 205/205T can sync business data with the cloud in real time, offering a perfect solution for cross-office file sharing and collaboration between the HQ and branch offices. By leveraging the cloud as a centralized database, you can keep important data up-to-date and accessible for all in your business.

• Highly Flexible Storage

• Easy Maintenance with Versatile Host Interfaces

To meet the ever-growing needs on data storage, the GSe Pro 205/205T supports up to 37 drives and more than 500 PB capacity with four expansion enclosures, ideal for storage-intensive applications such as video surveillance, data archiving, and much more.

GSe Pro 205/205T comes with multiple host interfaces - FC 16Gb/s, FC 8Gb/s, FCoE 10Gb/s, iSCSI 10Gb/s, and iSCSI 1Gb/s - ensuring seamless compatibility with your IT infrastructure and applications.

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