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Pairing video with transaction information is a powerful tool for those working in the retail or shipping industry. The benefits of video-enable transactions are:
• Investigate criminal behaviors such as stealing money
• Address product shrinkage
• Record shipments and track parcels

Easy Clarification for Transaction Errors

• Record transaction data with surveillance video to clarify the responsibility when transaction errors happened.
• Support 1/2/4/6 transactions live view and 1/2/4 transactions playback on the same screen.

Quick Monitoring with Multiple Filters

Allow users to set the filters through control buttons and get valuable part information of transactions, enhancing their working efficiency.

Saving Time with Log Search

Allow users to search for a specific transaction and its corresponding video by time, camera and keyword, saving the time for users to find the transaction through thousands of data.

Flexible Management with Multiple Architectures

• Fully compatible with Surveon product line (Camera, NVR and VMS).
• Provide multiple architectures and local/remote monitoring for single store or retail chain operation.

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